Fact Checked

Once again those vaccine doubters have got there facts wrong…

BBC News - Covid-19: Recent claims about cremations and vaccines fact-checked

You might have more luck if you look for something they have got right!


As far as I can ascertain most of the misleading info is from a handful of wacko or opportunistic Americans, whose postings are then amplified and widely distributed by the Russians.


If anyone wants to read this but can’t, let me know and I’ll make it available as a download.

Of course, you’d be well entitled to ask, is this just another a cospiracy theory? My answer would be that one needs the ability to be able to valuate and distinguish between reliable and unreliable sources. When I tutored Open University Arts & Humanities students, their very first essay would be based around assessing the reliability or otherwise of sources - in this case Roman accounts of Anthony and Cleopatra, most of which were written by the descendents of the victors, two hundred years after the actual events (I wished the OU had used the New Testament instead, but suspect they lacked the courage to do that).