Facture rectificative - edf

I got a bill from edf this morning. Opened it and saw the amount: €32,42. Not much, I thought.

Then I remembered - I haven't been a customer of edf for years. So I looked more closely. Apparently, in April 2014, a "Conseil d'Etat" found they hadn't charged enough for the electricity they sold in 2012. So they're sending a bill to everyone who was a customer between July 2012 and July 2013.

How is this even legal? Can I decide that I didn't charge enough to my clients a few years ago and just send them a bill payable in the next 10 days? Having already paid a facture rectificative for taxes in 2012, I'm beginning to get a bit pissed off with this.

it's not edf at fault - they actually challenged the ruling hence why we're getting billed now. It's the state that has decreed that tax wasn't charge appropriately at that period.

I've had 2 seperate bills concerning this from edf over the last 3 years (and I'm not a customer now and don't even live at the address the bill is for) - first was about 10€, this year I kid you not it was for 1€27, more than the cost of the stamp to send the bill

This subject has been discussed several times on here. Here are a couple of the threads which may help.



Hi Trish. Let me know how you get on.

I found some French forums talking about this and the sentiment was split between: "It's real - you've just got to pay" and "This can't be legal". Business-wise, if you price something and lose money on it (which is highly unlikely when it comes to utilities), you take the hit and get your price right next time. Makes you wonder if the Intermarché could, one day, decide to bump up their butchery prices for 2012-13 and demand the extra cash from loyalty card holders.

Completement fou.

I just got one too for 58euros and I completely agree , I actually thought it was a scam to start with. I am not with them either now.I asked the question on anglo and just got a load of abuse. I can't imagine any other enterprise getting away with this and think a letter asking the question to the eu portal might be in order.