Fair game or not?

This is my first discussion post so I hope I've got it right.


I came across this article on Facebook about how airlines and train service providers (SNCF), increase fares as a direct result of our enquiries by internet. Seemingly they register our IP addresses and each time we make an enquiry they can see we are swithering and they increase the price. This is to 'panic' us into buying there and then. I am fairly sure I have experienced this and I wonder if I'm not alone. If true (and I think it is) then the solution is to make all fare enquiries from one terminal (ie at home) and buy tickets from another (ie a friend's). I'm interested in your thoughts.

But surely Ley, they do this everywhere. I quickly learned almost as soon as online ticket purchasing was possible that if I waited before buying a plane ticket for a while that it would cost more than buying the moment my contract was in my hand. Even bearing in mind that I have nearly always got my money reimbursed, I always thought it better to keep the people I worked for sweet than give airlines, etc, extra money for the same seat on the same journey. BA were a particular nuisance in that respect, even one day made a measurable difference. As for the theory you are proposing, I actually made an enquiry for a Bergerac to Bordeaux train return for a few days time on my wife's computer, then booked on this and it came out €2 cheaper next day. Perhaps there is fare fluctuation that does this sometimes, but I am not so sure they are tracking us and pushing up individual's prices because then wouldn't we all pop into the local station or use somebody else's computer? Word, if there was such a story on Facebook, gets round too fast and what you suggest becomes self-defeating for the service providers.