False notifications of new posts


Whilst I enjoy the repartee from @graham and @AngelaR I can’t fathom why I keep being “told” that they’ve posted something I’ve not seen…

when I open the page there will be a number sitting to the right of my profile photo and when I click… there they are in all their blue glory…

this kept happening yesterday evening… and it’s still happening today.

Obviously, this snippet is not showing the number beside my head, as it vanishes… just like that…

Yes, I’ve been getting those too and have reported it as an issue to @james to investigate yesterday evening.
I was going to make a post in Forum Support to see if anyone else is affected - should we move this topic to Forum Support Category so it gets a wider viewing?

I’ve noticed some unexpected behavior, yes, let’s open it up so we can see if anyone else is experiencing the same before I open a ticket.

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I got that too yesterday and this morning , but seems OK now :+1:

Associated with turning off the Following feature perhaps?


I thought so too until I started getting the same notifications as yesterday.

Phew… so it’s not me going mad… or no more than usual…

I’ll leave you boys to play…

(first time it happened was just the Vyke theme (again and again…) and I had a horrible thought that there was something nasty within the link there, which I had opened … so glad it wasn’t…)

No I’ve noticed it for a few days, also and probably unrelated is page jumping down on mobile. Anyone seen that?

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yes @Stella it’s that one (plus a couple more) that is particularly prevalent for me.

Don’t use the mobile very much so haven’t particularly noticed it there.

Been using the mobile app (Firefox) on android and not noticed the “jumping” mentioned but the notifications issue is persisting on mobile too.

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just had a further notification about your post

which I liked yonks ago so shouldn’t be coming up on the notifications… so, it’s not just some old posts but new ones too.
Just for reference, I re-launched Firefox this morning after an update so I don’t think its associated with the browser.

I was getting them a lot yesterday evening . Only just come here this morning so not sure if it’s still happening…

It seems to still be happening.
I’ve selected “Normal” on that topic Anyone use Vyke? which is causing the most issue to see if that makes a difference.

I had a few years old posts come up that had no new answers and when I go back to the forum index they are not on the recents list, most had the last answers at least a year ago.

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I have a theory which needs testing out…
hands up all those people who are experiencing this issue and who were “followed” by the user EVA (account now deleted). I’ll start off… hands_up_medium

Yes to both, @graham

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ISTR that @JaneJones is also involved in this issue, given that I keep getting false notifications from her in the topic buying a Property in France and she first highlighted the issue with EVA the pole dancer following.
The really persistent one is @PeterE regarding Vyke.
and also @Stella did you get a following message from EVA? (a post in Vyke of yours keeps cropping up too).

Just had another notification of one of your posts @graham I think that might now be the 7th or 8th time…

I have opened a ticket with our hosting providers on this issue, please keep the feedback coming with as much clarity as possible as they will possibly be monitoring this discussion.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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None-news from me. I was not followed by Eva and I am not having any unexpected post notifications - only from legitimate replies to threads I’m following or posted in.

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Nope EVA never contacted me…

but I am still being notified about the post below.

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