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Good morning,

Can anyone please help me with information what is my right as a father of a French child? I’ve been having some difficulties here and receiving ‘get out from the house’, this time I have enough and I really get out and have no idea where to stay since I know nobody here.

I have a job and I would like to find a rent for myself and taking my son with me since I don’t feel safe about the idea of him living with her mother. How big do you think the chance for me to take him?

Thank you for your advice.:pray:t4:

Hi Rachmat and welcome to SF
I hope someone will be able to offer you some pointers to consider but in the meantime, I wonder if this is a matter where the local Assistant Sociale - usually contactable through your mairie - might be in a position to offer help as regards accommodation at least?
I think you have to arrange an appointment at the mairie and its something that you might wish to consider.
Custody issues are notoriously a difficult area and one I am not in any way familiar with.

Sounds like you need legal advice from someone dealing in Droit de la Famille.

As others have said, you need a specialist advice such as from a family lawyer - avocat spécialisé en droit de la famille. Whether you are successful or not depends on so many things so impossible to say.

This is information about your rights as separate parents.

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As has been said, Rachmat, the Assistante Sociale is your first call for advice/help, via your Mairie. But don’t delay as, if you live in a small commune or a rural area, they are not installed permanently. Here they only visit every 2 weeks for an afternoon I think.

Am I right in suspecting that your 1st language is probably French? If so, you should not have any difficulty in taking on board their advice and help.

Best of luck.


From the latest Lettre Service-Public

Your rights as a parent depend on your family situation, the conditions in which you are living, your resources and your capacity to be able to look after your child in conditions that are deemed acceptable. Almost always in cases where the ward of a child is in dispute, a Juge des Affaires Familiales will be required to decide who will be allowed to do what. This means that unless you can agree amicably with your partner/spouse, you will probably need to get a family lawyer involved to advise you and make representation to the court.

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Thank you very much for all of your replies and I really am sorry that I just have the time to thank you all now. Tried to fix the situation but I think this the end for me and my partner. The only thing I concern about is only about the well-being of my baby. @David Marker, I barely speak and understand the language, however I am trying my best to make the best of it. I really have zero support circle here. Compared to her, everytime there is a problem, her whole family would know, interfere and then defend her no matter what. Anyway, to all of your sir, I sincerely thank you again for all the informations given.

My warm regards