Famous Chateau for sale La Rochefaucauld family Charente

Amazing place we have visited many times with friends and relatives…


2.8million€ - sadly I failed to win the Euromillions this week so it won’t be on the shopping list :frowning:


That’s a’ shame Paul, would have been wonderful to have you as a neighbour :wink:
Its a beautiful place with a fascinating history. The library is crammed full of old records all carefully catalogued and the kids can dress up in clothes from an early period in time and act out their fantasies.
It’s a national treasure and I do hope that whoever buys it continues to open it to the public.


Nice place Graham, visited the outside loads of times and attended son et lumieres etc. Never been inside tho.
What’s happening with the château de peyras near you ? Are they still doing evening shows with a meal thrown in ? Last time I went a few years back the owner was then excavating the cellars.

No idea tbh Peter. We know of the place for sure but have not ventured out there. Some friends of ours used to help out with the events there but have lost touch with them now. Roger died a couple of years ago and Jenny went back to the UK, their lace near our Mairie having been sold.

Not bad for €2.8 million really, wouldn’t get you much in London :rofl: :rofl: I imagine unless you had very deep pockets opening to the public is probably needed to keep it running!

Do you mean Roger Ellis , Graham ?

That would be Roger and Jenny who lived in Suaux ? If it’s them, Roger had been ill for many years, they were charming people. I actually sold them the property way back in about 1990.

Goodness fellas that is a lot of personal info to be putting on an open forum! Perhaps better by private message!


Not really Tory.


I’d be pretty upset if I knew someone had put mine and my husbands name (as well as approximate location) on the internet. I understand that I’m probably more aware / concerned than most though :grin:

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I’m sure the owners of this forum will delete my posts if they feel they are inappropriate.

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I’m sure they would. I didn’t mean to cause offence, not my intent.

Too right! Pals 'o mine sold this Fulham 4 bedder/ 2 bath [one en-suite] for £2m 5 years ago. It is PRECISELY under the flight path to LHR. At this point they are pretty low.

Sleeping in my berth as the mad godfather in the attic, the planes neatly flew the diagonal of the Velux roof light above my head. Sitting in the 6-7m sq courtyard garden out back, all conversation had to stop when a plane passed over - and it’s one every 90 secs into LHR from about 05:00 for +/- 15 hrs.

My pals, being somewhat post-hippy *, having met on the trail to Katmandhu, just moved in and did nothing to it. Twenty years earlier they had been handed a cheque for £400k to move out of a rented ruin off King’s Road.

This house needed good money spent to bring it up to ‘local standards’. There’s one just like it but sprauncy, in the same road, on sale a.t.mo for £2.5m.

  • Is see that the far-out electric blue front door has been toned down a bit :grinning:

@captainendeavour That’s why those of us who sold our suburban properties couldn’t believe our luck when we looked at property prices in France! Thirteen years on our wonderful French money pit still is not finished. :grinning: The lump sum from the suburban property ran out many years ago.
With hindsight, do it again? You bet! :grin:

It’s actually the chateau in Verteuil belonging to the family which is for sale. If only… Think it needs a lot of work though.

Ahh, that’s not the same thing.

Ah yes, on reflection, I think @JBVert is right… there seem to be two postings by the same agency - one clearly suggests La Rochefoucauld but the other more definitely shows Verteuil. The additional photos in the second posting I’ve seen shows the grounds in more detail and I don’t recognise them as the one I have visited. Both are situated on the Charente river :thinking:

That’s not the chateau at Rochefaucauld - it’s a different one. It’s one that belongs to the family but it’s certainly NOT the one in La Rochefaucauld.

Yes @Sue_Young I have acknowledged that in the post before your one (post 19).