Famous people lost in 2018

Following on from Mandy’s post about the death of June Whitfield I was browsing through the list of well known people lost in 2018, as usual a lot of familiar names are on the list, here’s a few…
Fenella Fielding - sexy voice
John Hurt - great actor
Keith Chegwin
Bruce Forsyth - Give us a twirl Anthea !
Paddy Ashdown
Bella Emberg
Peter Wyngarde -smoothie Department S
Emma Chambers - Dibley
Roger Bannister
Leslie Grantham - Dirty Den
Tessa Jowell
Dale Winton
Eric Bristow - Crafty cockney
Bill Maynard
Katie Boyle
Steven Hawking
Alan Longmuir - Bay City Rollers
Jim Bowen
Ken Dodd
Fooballers :slight_smile:
Tommy Lawrence - Liverpool & Scotland
Paul Madeley - Leeds & England
Jimmy Armfield - Blackpool & England
Ray Wilson - Fulham & England

Plus many more

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So sad to read about Andrew Strauss’ wife who died of cancer today at just 46. She leaves two young children as well. A real tragedy.


That is a real tragedy

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…and from the field of music, Mark E. Smith and Pete Shelley.

There were quite a few actually Kouta, look at this list.

Ray Thomas - Moody Blues
Eddie Clarke - Motorhead
Dolores O’Riordan - The Cranberries
Dennis Edwards - The Temptations
Vic Damone
Eddie King - Lynard Skynard
Charles Aznavour

True, Peter, sadly true. I think I was naming those that affected me most. Mark E. Smith’s death sent me into meltdown for a few days, I must admit…

He was a one-off Kouta and inspired a lot of other singers. He didn’t have a great voice imo but got away with it with that type of music. I can see why you liked him but I prefer (red) more classic punk from The Undertones etc.

Also lost this year,
Danny Kirwan - from the original Fleetwood Mac
And Otis Rush - American blues guitarist

Danny Kirwan? My word, what will this year bring I wonder in terms of losing more ‘heroes’…I agree with you, Peter, that his voice was not great, and that The Fall’s musical style allowed him to showcase the peculiarity of his voice. There was always a little of the spirit of punk anarchy enmeshed in The Fall’s music, and I guess this is what lead me to ‘stay’ with them.