Far too much SPAM appearing daily

Does anyone out there have the same problem ? I use Yahoo for my e-mails - I have all the normals filters in place, but every day I receive SPAM from Canadian Pharmacy - not one, but sometimes up to 24, sent at minute intervals into my SPAM box. It usually says the same thing - do i want Viagra or an enlarged wedding tackle. I am a woman !! Ha Ha ! How on earth do i get rid of this please ?

I remember when I used to be in work we had this problem, hundreds a day, it used to drive the Office Manager mad.

I can't remember what she ended up doing to to fix it though. At one point they were considering changing the whole system (which needed upgrading anyway) to run macs which dont seem to be bothered by this problem. We have had macs at home for years and never had any issues atall so if they can sort it how come the rest can't?

Good luck with G mail, I believe ti is a lot better.

Hi Rosie,

I think you're lucky if you only receive stuff from one scammer and also, that you have an address that's relatively easy to change. My e-mail is a business one linked by name to our websites which shouldn't change if business is to proceed apace. But, on a daily basis I get around 75 to 100 e-mails from businesses (most often in the states) with everything from finding roofing companies to Graphic Design Diploma courses (doubly annoying as I spent a whole career as a graphic designer, thinking that I was already of a pretty good standard... lol). One day I had a 'red-mist' moment and made the mistake of clicking to suspend a whole raft of these e-mails. That's something that only doubles the problem, since they then recognise you as 'live' and sell your name on to someone else - and so it goes. I have stopped short of writing to them at their postal address because I'm sure they just dump all real mail too. I have now even started getting, amongst all the other (can I say 'crap' on here) nonsense.... I've started getting persistent e-mails from Banki Moon (notice how he spells his name)...ahaa! Not the real one then! He seems to want my banking details... can't think what for! I thought the UNited Nations was in fairly good shape financially. My tongue is, of course, firmly in my cheek. But there will come a time when it is no longer amusing. I have a Google account too, which has not received one piece of spam in 2 years... wonderful. But it doesn't 'ding' at me so, is about as much use to me during my business day as a chocolate fire guard. But I'm sure you will find it just fine.

By the way... never trust an e-mail that begins "my dear and trusted friend" (there are many derivatives)... They usually admit to being from a central African country and drivel on about you having been left 50 million US Dollars and ask for your details so that your account can be credited... Ah you have to laugh!

Viagra? My dad told me that they had started dishing the tablets out to all the blokes at his nursing home... to stop the residents from rolling out of bed!

The only ones that get through, even when I train Gmail to get them, are from 'universities' in the USA telling me I absolutely need an MBA. I have Googled them, eventually with a bit of tenacity found their office e-mail (in Nigeria) and sent them angry messages that included 'have PhD', 'too old' and other please for rational thought. But they switch around their address every few weeks and slip through again for a while. But that is perhaps one spam a month...

Rosie, I also get those Canadian Pharmacy ones - I tried to email them 50 times in one hit telling them where to stick it, but I don't think it worked!!! Anyway, my email is with Sky, (powered by Google - gmail?) and I have far, far worse now. I get up to 145 emails a day from "Mail Delivery Service" saying they were unable to deliver my emails????? I spam them immediately but, horror, a LOT of them have gone into my sent box. These emails are from Russia. I have spent hours marking each individual one as spam. I am sooo fed up with it. If you find an answer to this problem please let me know! Good luck.

Excellent - Thank you Sheila; that could just be a life saver :)

Hi Damaris. I thought this article looked interesting: http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/the-geek-blog/how-to-block-emails-from-your-psycho-ex-in-your-gmail-account/

which I found by searching on Google.

Hi Rosie, The consensus is.......Gmail and I wholeheartedly agree.

As has already been said, while it does a good job of weeding out most spam you can refine that by teaching it. When a spam gets through you just mark it as spam and Gmail will learn for the future.

One important point though, check the spam mailbox on a regular basis, I do it about three times a week, specially if you are expecting and email that does not arrive, because sometimes Gmail puts mail you want into the spam box. Then you just mark it as "not spam" and Gmail will learn for the future and let that through.

Definitely streets ahead of Yahoo and Hotmail.

I go with most of the others . G mail. It does a good job of cutting out spam.

I agree that Gmail is better with regards to spam. I used to use both Hotmail and Yahoo and the spam was phenomenal. Gmail filters a lot better and will generally dump anything suspect into spam. Sadly Gmail are not getting the message about my ex's email. He still lands in my inbox with boring regularity. Does anyone know if you can actually block someone on Gmail? I've looked on the help pages but can't find any way of permanently blocking someone. All I can do is spam him and that's not working so far!! I left school a long time ago and have no interest in reading biased 5000 word essays!!! :/

I have heard several friends say they have high levels of spam with Yahoo and a few other "online" email services. I have four addresses using Alice, Cegetel, and SFR. I get one spam every few days, usually on the Alice inbox. The spam problem may be something to do with the way Yahoo, etc. manage their systems. I am more than happy to use an address accessed through my service provider and retrieve all of them in a single click using Outlook Express. No brainer.

Thank you Sheila - luckily all the wedding tackle ones already go into SPAM, but once Christmas is overI shall sort this all out. Very busy just now with cooking etc.Happy Christmas and keep warm.

Hi Rosie. I agree with Brian re Gmail. Lucky you only getting 24 per day! With gmail, if you mark your junk as "spam", Gmail learns and you will find more and more wedding tackle enlargement mails go directly into "spam".

In addition, you can set GMail up to check and "fetch" emails from any other account. Currently, I have Gmail fetching emails from four other accounts, and I also have set up Outlook to download everything from Gmail (about once a month) so I have an offline copy of the emails.

Thank you Brian for your kind help. I shall endeavour to use Gmail in future. Happy Christmas and keep warm !

Rosie. I was phished earlier this year and stopped using Yahoo. I still have the account and look once a day, a few real e-mails still come so in the background it is fine. This morning I had well over a hundred, not only that but mail goes directly into my trash box as well as the inbox. In trash I found over eighty today, of which about twelve were real but perhaps only eight real mails in my inbox. Stop using Yahoo and choose another. I find Gmail is better by far, I get little spam and when I do and look it is something real as often as not. In my Yahoo spam I have umpteen banks and other financial institutions, enlargements including the female upper regions, Viagra, guaranteed sex tonight, Russian, Filipina, Thai and other women who are in love with me, a large lashing of messages to tell me how much has been bequeathed to me in various wills and so on. There is a whole industry out there, and you get ONLY about 24 a day!