Farage's call for second Brexit vote greeted with glee by remainers

I bet he did not want Brexit to happen, he was just making hot air. The famous outbursts he made in EU meetings should tell everyone something about his state of mind.

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They say that opposites attract but in the case of Faridge (I can’t bring myself to say it the French way) and Trump, they are a pair made in hell :rofl:


Not sure what his real motivation is - says he wants to silence the “remoaners” but I’m not clear that would happen, it will probably remain close. Hypocritical (what a surprise) as he is well known for having promised to continue campaining for the UK to leave had the vote been close the other way.

I would not be surprised if Boris joins him in wanting a new referendum. :thinking:

Does anyone know what Boris stands for (other than to turn him upside down and use his head as mop)?

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A new referendum result would end with a resounding remain, the only issue would be how the EU would react.

They would probably welcome the UK back with open arms, at the same time giving them a bill for all the messing around

Boris de Pfeffel Johnson. I’m sure we could turn that into something more appropriate…

Maybe he is closer to his hero Trump than we thought… and this headline applies to him equally.:roll_eyes:

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It has been suggested, and I have quite a bit of sympathy for the notion, that he would actually hope to loose such a referendum - so that he can go back to what he knows and loves - namely bashing the EU.

After all he has lost his job, platform and raison d’être because of Brexit.

Hoist with his own petard.


The fact that this phrase has it’s origins in 16th century France is not lost on me :rofl:

Indeed but it seems very apt here

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They just want our money - nothing else, their posturing and spiteful pettiness since the result is testament to that…

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Hang on a moment… wasn’t it the UK that wanted to leave?

Their rules, their call and the UK will just have to knuckle down and accept it. The UK might have been in a better position to negotiate from within rather than without :+1:


Exactly Graham. Everyone moaning about how the EU are being difficult and a bit unfriendly should remember that it’s the UK spoiling the party. You can hardly expect the EU to play nice!

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Typical British arrogance! You can see why May likes the orange tanned dipstick so much… They are a pair made in hell like Faridge and Boris the dump.

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I doubt this 'second referendum ’ would be a simple In/Out vote. More likely something like Do you agree/like the deal negotiated and I suspect this ‘referendum’ will be very much advisory. The question will, this time, be calculated to give a desired result.

I doubt it will happen but it needs to be at least three or four way

Accept deal - Out with whatever secured
Reject deal - Out with no deal
Reject deal - Out but seek to remain in EEA (if that isn’t the deal which has been struck).
Reject deal - Admit we were wrong and go cap in hand to EU and ask if we can forget he whole thing like that nice Mr Tusk and Mr Juncker say we can.

Interesting talk Nation vs Empire and more