Farewell BBC R4 Long Wave from March 2024

I didn’t get to try the app for the cricket or rugby, I spent most of the day in bed with a fever. Feeling better now.

Thank you for letting me know, and glad you’re on the mend…if you did have an idle moment, there is (yet more) cricket etc on 5Live Sports Extra today…

Maybe thats what caused the fever? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Test match special brings back memories of my old Dad. He used to have several radios around the house, garage and garden and would put them all on at kick off (or whatever it’s called in cricket) so he wouldn’t miss a ball no matter what he was doing.

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Couldn’t find BBC 5 live extra it looks like all games are on that channel.

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I just googled it. There’s a test match special tweet, dated June 2023, that says you can stream the commentary live (“with some restrictions”) via YouTube. Just get the app on your phone or whatever. Lots more ideas if you Google the problem.

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Thanks Pete. I think my previous Google search terms clearly weren’t sufficiently precise to flush out the link that I’d been searching for…

I’m guessing that the link probably varies from match to match or series to series. I will search for the next available TMS link as a test, eg for the international matches starting with New Zealand on 30 August…

Not all overseas test matches, and particularly the ODI’s and T20I’s, are covered by TMS. Ball-by-ball commentary is in those cases available without geoblocking on Talksport 2. It’s more “modern”, less traditional than TMS. It’s up to you what you prefer.

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There are two options via satellite astra 2 (28 east) which is the sky/freesat position which is the UK beam (there are two the main UK beam and a Europe wide beam which does not carry the bbc and sky etc). It depends how south you go in France if you can receive this sat with a small dish. with a standard 60cm dish you can receive it easily as far as the middle of france. Totally free to air as it would be in the UK.

Unless you live in the south. Especially the far south.

In which case you will be better off with the bbc satback (satellite backup) system on Intelsat 901 (previously Intelsat 907) which has reliable reception across France and even Spain.

Full details including biss keys (not in the clear) here:Intelsat 901 at 27.5 West - SATBACK - formally Intelsat 907 - The Sat & TV Guy

The size needed can be found on satbeams.com reception maps.


Listen to BBC Radio 4, BBC Radio 2 and Many Other Stations from Around the World with the radio.net App

Stream it and many others from around the world?

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Hope is not yet lost for Radio 4 on longwave; a campaign is underway to retain it.
Please see www.keeplongwave.co.uk

Just to clarify, the end of March is when separate programmes on LW are currently scheduled to end. From this date, the signal on LW will be the same as Radio 4 FM (which it is most of the time anyway). The switch-off for LW entirely hasn’t bee announced yet.

The large international audience for LW has been pointed out to the BBC, and they are yet to comment. Listeners have reported tuning in from countries across Europe and even from Canada.

Let’s hope they change their minds and restore TMS to LW listeners abroad.

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Is LW needed? I thought one could listen to Radio 4 all round the world just be tuning into BBC Sounds via a computer or digital radio.

By the way, welcome to SF.

LW reaches where the Internet does not and can be picked up on a cheap radio.

The internet does not yet reach all the corners of the globe in practice and is normally expensive to access.

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Purely for nostalgic reasons I’ll be sad to see R4 LW shut down. As a young child I grew up not far from the mammoth transmitters at Droitwich. This YouTube video about the transmitting station was fun to watch…

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But what will they do with the Daily Service, not migrating it to FM, I hope. :astonished:

Good opportunity to make it an annual service…