Farewell BBC R4 Long Wave from March 2024

I must admit to having completely missed the announcement (last year) that Radio 4 Long Wave is ending next March…

I was very much enjoying the coverage on LW of the Oval Ashes Test last week when they announced that they would interrupt cricket coverage to go over to the Shipping Forecast ‘for the final time’. I must have done the equivalent of an expat choking on their metaphorical pink gin. I had no idea what they were referring to, and only learned today that LW will cease to exist in 7 months time.

I’m fortunate currently in being able to pick up LW here in Normandy. I don’t have WiFi (we just use 4G).
Per the BBC website, it seems (possibly for rights reasons?) I won’t be able to access sports coverage (such as cricket) via streaming BBC Sounds/BBC Radio 5 Sports Extra on my smartphone if I want to hear it from next year. A great shame.

I assume a UK digital radio that is tuned to pick up BBC Radio 5 Sports Extra etc won’t work in France?

There’s usually a link on the internet live page during a test match for overseas listeners to hear TMS.

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Streaming services?

I’ve done some subsequent research. It seems there are multiple cricket lovers overseas who’ve commented on the difficulties of accessing TMS . It appears that the only way to access TMS outside the UK, bar their generosity in posting a link on their website for overseas listeners, (as helpfully pointed out by @Rachman,) is to go down the VPN route…This does not appeal at all to me for ethical, cost and personal technological ineptness reasons.

What’s TMS? If radio station try the Tunein app

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Test Match Special - I’m assuming


Apologies for the use of the acronym, yes @SuePJ is correct, TMS=Test Match Special…

Unfortunately the BBC specifically blocks access from outside the UK to TMS, even though overseas listeners can freely access the station concerned that broadcasts it (5 Live Sports Extra and/or BBC Sounds) for most other programmes…I’m guessing the blocking is wholly driven by the sale of international media rights outside the UK by the ECB (England & Wales Cricket Board).

Rachman has pointed out that the TMS programme website does indeed post a specific link for overseas listeners. Whilst welcome, this is entirely non-contractual and relies on their continued generosity in so doing…

I strongly suspect that the specific blocking of TMS would equally apply regardless of the app used to access BBC radio, but thank you @Wozza for the suggestion.

When’s the next TMS I’ll have a look’s see or more of a listen’s see and give you the feedback. I’m hoping to listen to the Wales v England rugby game tomorrow on bbc 5 live on the app, it’s blocked on my computer internet connection.

Can it not be got via an internet radion? :thinking:

Presumably not till the first T20I against New Zealand on 30th August.

That’s very kind. Rachman has helpfully confirmed there is no international cricket till 30 August However there is non Test Match cricket today (Saturday) from 12.30-7pm bar lunch interval on 5 Live Sports Extra. I tried yesterday to listen to the cricket purely as a test, via BBC Sounds and it was duly blocked here in France.

I’d be really interested to know if a) you get to hear the rugby and b) only if you have time, whether the cricket is also available/accessible on that app you use.

The problem is the BBC blocks certain sports and live music events from being accessed via BBC websites from outside the UK. I assume exactly the same will probably occur with accessing those events via an internet radio, unfortunately.

Just scolling through my streamer/internet radio in the UK TMS, and so far no log in required, would that mean its possible in France? 5 live likewise whereas on a TV etc iPlayer requires a log in hence knowing if you are in the UK or not.

@David_Spardo made a similar helpful suggestion above and I was perhaps too hasty in thinking this wouldn’t work. Interesting to see if anyone in France with an internet radio can access BBC radio sports broadcasts that are blocked if accessing a BBC website from France etc.

Does that mean we’ll be at nuclear war?

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I can get 5 Live Sport on the BBC Sounds app, but no cricket.

I know it is no help to you as you do not use a vpn, but I have just set my vpn (protonvpn)to a uk server,logged into bbc 5 live via web and have had no problems listening, might help anyone missing bbc progs over here.

Good to know, whereas I get the below when I try and access 5Live Sports Extra…

I got the same when I logged in without vpn, so logged out, started my vpn and re-logged in and had no problems, if its any consolation rain has stopped play at the moment hoping to restart in an hour.