Farm animals for sale

6 piglets for sale - all tagged etc. Duroc cross, very lean meat produced and excellent to breed from - sows and boars available. Parents on site. vet is visiting tomorrow to check all of them and give certificates. There are some older ones also available - 16270 - please reply for tel number and more information.

Our initial litter (in France) was sold to butchers and restaurants locally who have all placed orders for upcoming litters. If you are interested in buying pork (not bacon, sausages or ham) or veal - calf is now 8 months old, going in one month) all will be locally, professionally cut by a butcher to order…

We are a fully registered holding wiuth Chambre d’agriculture de Charente.

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Hi, could we chat about your experience getting registered as we are hoping to do something on our small holding.

Thanks W.

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A lot depends on your chamber of ag. We arrived in France a year ago and rented a smallholding initially.(we have since bought a place) We had a farm in the UK so we new what was in store, more or less. We tried emailing initially - no reply so we drove there - we walked in the door having got totally lost at 11:40 - awfully near the dreaded sacrosanct lunch hour. Despite this, a really nice lady sat down with us, gave us all the forms and helped us fill in everything, we paid our fee (small fee) and we came out with all the paperwork, a cheptel number (smallholding number) and instructions on a few basics at 12:25. We were very impressed a few queries since and I now have a reliable email contact, especially over the move. We have cows and pigs - not a huge lot but enough to manage here as we wanted to downsize anyway. We also had some marvellous advice from the French Pig Genetic Bureau as to where to find a breed of pig that we knew and liked. The “old” “traditional”, breeds went through a measure of success in the UK 2000-2009, but eventually butchers and clients got to know that although the meat tastes great, it has an awful lot of fat when ready for table - there are some clients who do prefer to buy the old breeds however, so do not be put off them - it all depends on what you want…( it’s finding your market). Most abbatoirs will not accept animals who are from an unregistered holding and, if an unregistered animal dies, you have to pay the costs of carcass pick up etc.
Happy to talk you through will send a friend request then you can access phone and email details. Vets are also unhappy about people who do not register these days, but again it depends on region; personally we have always kept to DEFRA rules in the UK and done the same here - anything for an easy life despite the paperwork. cheers Liz

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Thought this might be of interest @Carolyn_Cross

Hi Liz, thanks for this. It would be great if we could chat further and if we could tap into your wealth of knowledge. I look forward to your fried request. Can you tell me how to find the ‘smallholders’ group on the site please? I have not been on here for some time now and everything has changed.

Thanks William.

Sorry, but we don’t have one @William_David_Frazer :frowning:

Hi, sorry the site has changed our phone number is 0950804924 best time to
get us is usually after 8:00pm - we are night owls!


Thanks Liz. Chat soon. W.

Good evening Liz,

Do you have any piglets for sale at the moment please?



Hi, yes we have some babies just weaned - 6 weeks both boys and girls.

Thanks for your reply Liz.

Could I get more details such as breed, price and location please.

If you would prefer to email you can contact me at:

Sarah :slight_smile:

Sarah it’s your Bro, Andy think we will be in France in a couple of weeks, can you send me a your address and if we are nearby we will try and call in to see you. Cheers
Andy and Joy