Farm-raised lambs meat for sale

Direct selling from the farm of lambs meat near Bergerac in our farm at Gageac et Rouillac 24240.
Our lambs are raised outside, they are fed with grass and cereals produced in our farm.
French familly but english spoken.
You can come and buy lamb during the week ,but, my parents don’t speak a lot of English or else come at the week-end and you can talk to me.

If you can speak french please call my father : 0658513763
If you only speak english please call me : 0652619118


I recommend this wholeheartedly - I have visited the farm and seen the lambs and their mothers! Also Suzanne is one of my former pupils :wink:

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Whilst I would want to support local farming initiatives,
I prefer my lamb to be wholly grass fed.
NZ lamb is all raised on the hills and totally grass fed.
It is not an inferior product as many French seem to think.

NZ lamb spends some weeks chilled/frozen as it travels around the world.

I choose to buy products fresh. Born, raised and transformed in France…rather than imported at any stage of the game…

But, each to their own…

Personally, I am delighted to hear of the Farm near Bergerac. These family businesses can provide superb quality at a fair price…and by buying from them, we support France into the bargain… a win-win situation in my opinion.


The farm is about halfway between Monbazillac and Ste Foy la Grande, on the route du bas des côteaux, for those of you who know the area. I saw some very sweet lambs there earlier this week skipping about with their mothers (and pretty soon one of them will be in my freezer, apologies to the sensitive).