Fascinated by Ghost Towns?

This video from the OU refers (amongst others) to Oradour-sur-Glane (at ~1m:30)

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I really want to go there! It is only about an hour and a half away, must make the effort now the little one is a normal human bean that can go out on day trips!

Mexican jumping bean :thinking:

We have been there a number of times - absolutely fascinating place. There is so much to see and take in…
The exhibition hall in the entrance with a massive picture gallery and rolling video shows, the town itself where time stopped (and there appears to be no bird song), the Church where the Waffen SS slaughtered the women and children by setting fire to it with them inside… the memorial itself where the families are buried and the underground display where artefacts recovered from the town are stored.
You won’t be disappointed but it will change your outlook on the futility of war… world leaders should be made to visit…
and don’t forget the new town built on the outskirts of the original where life goes on.


I fancied a visit but it is 3-4 hours drive from us so haven’t managed it yet.

I lived about 10 kms from it and passed by the village a few times each week. I have visited it umpteen times and each time it is a very solemn feeling. The early days before the visitor centre was good but now it’s excellent and a visit is highly recommended.
Mr Macron visited the place twice during his presidential campaign so it obviously means a lot to him or was it just clever campaigning ?


combine it with a visit to Limoges perhaps? Some fascinating cultural places to visit there too , the railway station, the porcelain shops and it’s good for hotels :wink:

and restaurants… :wink:

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I am not strong enough to visit there. Even though it’s not far.

Funnily enough I have only ever seen about 2 German cars in this area. Lots of Dutch, but not Germans. There are still some older people near here who were children when the Germans occupied this area.

I found out only recently that there were Germans shot in the house across the road in their courtyard! I hadn’t even realised they’d got down this far!

I have been to Oradour sur Glane many times, it never fails to have an effect on me.

That apart, I seem to have a fascination for villages drowned by dam creations. Now and again for one reason or another muddy lanes with stone walls, little bridges over the original rivers and the few surviving buildings, usually churches.

But why are so many of the bridges and walls decayed, with no weather, wind and rain, no human effect and, presumably no currents I would have expected more preservation. :thinking:

The cathedral is ok and next door there is a good museum. There are nice walks around the gardens with fountains etc. All in all a nice area to visit.
My last three working years were spent looking after the 19 public fountains in the city plus a few private fountains.
I often thought that some bright spark in the tourist office could arrange a sightseeing tour of central Limoges taking in the fountains with details of bars, restos and other cultural places en route.
Of course this is France so we mustn’t be innovative !

you mischievous old bugger Peter… you missed a trick there :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I did suggest such a project to the Mairie but of course it was seen as far too radical.

surprised they didn’t put you on a de-radicalisation course then Peter :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Been there twice. Once in 1991 and again a couple of years ago. The “new” visitor centre is excellent.

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Anything that relies on mortar won’t last as the mortar will crumble, destabilising the structure. Any structure, dry stone walls included will usually be undermined by continually waterlogged foundations.

A very thought provoking place to visit, as @graham has already noted, even the birds seem to know it isn’t a happy place.
Anyone given the chance to visit should, it will bring you down to earth with a bump and the realisation to the futility of conflict.

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