Fat cats

This is Marvin, one of my own cats, very loving and very cuddly. Marvin is a bit of a scaredy cat though, due to him being attacked by dogs that killed his brother when he was younger. We believe this insecurity makes Marvin comfort eat! He is a big cat anyway, big boned, twice the height of some other cats, but at 9.3 kgs last March, we thought we needed to do something about his weight!

Marvin can't bear to pass a bowl of food that has a few biccies in the bottom, he is a very tidy cat that doesn't like waste!!

Since March, Marvin has lost nearly a kilo in weight, due to a). us being more vigilant about leaving food bowls around with food in!, b). changing his food - not easy to give one of nine cats different food! c). the best purchase of all, a slow feed bowl!

Marvin is not at all chuffed about his bowl as he has to work for his food, but he gets there in the end! He has a way to go yet but it is lovely to see him already charging around more like a kitten again.

I'd love to hear your "Fat cat" experiences and photos and how you've dealt with them.

That’s interesting Lynn. I will talk to her “Daddy!”

Some of the supermarket makes are full of fat and cereals Margaret and I'm afraid that Whiskas is thought to be one of the worst!

Our cats are fed on Royal Canin, they do a huge range and in our experience the cats eat less (generally!!) as they are getting more nutritional content and they are more healthy so fewer trips to the vets!

Our Kitty-Kitty is somewhat rotund to say the least but we don’t think it’s the way épée feed her; she has one pouch of Whiskers 50/50 morning and evening and we regulate her croquets. She sleeps all day and is as inactive as a sloth. This time of the year and being a long-haired Norwegian, she does look bigger but it does not cover the fact that she’s a bit of a barrel!

My cat Jasmine was a barrel when I adopted her. She had lived on a farm with 6 other cats where there was only one, very full, bowl. The cats competed for the food. She is still very greedy but at last she has some shape. She is nearly 15 years old but has become more playful as she has lost weight.