Fat/Fitness camp in france

Hi there all,

I was wondering if anybody would know off any fat/fitness camps in france, and i am not talking about the luxury 5000 euros a week ones. I dont know if this sort of thing exists here really for modest incomes. Sporty, reasonable healthy food-no frills, clean place, what i mean is a place where you can go to work off the excesses of the winter season. Any modest addresses, please send.

I know i could master this myself if was a good strong person but i really would like to find one of those bootcamps like in the UK. Myself and my two children have just spent two weeks in a sking station, which was one week too long in my opinion, we made tremendous progress in skiing but we have also loaded up at least 3 kilos each what with crepes, hot chocolates and so one and so forth. I hate to see my children overweight, especially since at their school their classmates are nearly without exception all perfectly stick thin without however showing signs of malnutrion. I dont know how they manage it. When i was young we were all skinny cos of the huge amount of time we spent outdoors on bicycles and such, totally unsupervised and abandoned to ourselves, our parents and ourselves perfectly oblivious to the existence of pedophiles, and a great joy it was i must say.

I hate veggies, so do my kids, we need outside help, like a fitness camp where they can control what we eat, that is take all the damned sugar out of our diets.

We are not obsese for information, just gone a little wayward.

Thanks a million for any addresses or names of any places that might correspond.Helen

and salt, Rachael, same with my OH and all her family (not the being super thin though!)

God give me strength! Sounds like you did more eating than skiing maybe should have done it the other way around.

Yes that is true Melissa. I like the sound of your soups! :)

During the winter months especially, you could have cooked lots of soups full of vegetables (fresh or dried like lentils) whizzed up and unidentifiable. Add flavourings you all like e.g. tomato, yogurt, or curry, add some chutneys for flavouring too which will make them sweeter. Experiment. I rarely follow a recipe, a good start is an onion or two melted in butter, then start adding vegetables, a stock cube and any other ingredients that take your fancy and whiz.

The French do eat a lot of sugar but they and their teeth are not necessarily healthy. I am all for being slim (I was very thin when younger as we all were) but some French children look skinny, very unhealthy, pasty skinned and are very lethargic. To get all your energy instantly from sugary drinks etc. is not a good idea.

Sorry I can't help, although, there is one thing that intrigues me about the French (I'm married to one), is that they include quite a lot of sugar in their diets and stay stick thin! I am always lecturing about sugar to my French family in law, but I don't really have a leg to stand on coz they are thin and I am fat!!! :)

Try here



We used to live in France and this place was in our local village - Not completely sure what they offer.


May be worth a phone call!