Fatca and the joys of being an US expat in France

Hello there,
Anybody who is American …did you read the new article by Lauren Finch on the Fatca and other joyful pastimes. She is from Global cities and her article was translated for Contrepoints in french.
Any comments ?

may want to link the document in question

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I have only a smartphone…
Anyway this is not drawing crowds. …

if it had the data in question people may read it.

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i did google Lauren Finch on the Fatca but nothing came up.

I get the impression this is a dead-end. Shall we look at other Topics and Threads…instead.


Yes probably.
No american expats use this network.
Try global cities and type reporters name.
In general its not a subject to discuss and this american girl was brave to publish it !

Au contraire bawden claudia, we do have Americans using this site but they are generally asking questions and seeking advice about life in France !
Have a good day :grinning:


Yikes. I guess I’m chopped liver. :slight_smile:

Here’s the article.

En anglais:

I found it, but then again I’m a trained research librarian. It is best, I agree with you Harry, if one provides the link to which one is referring in the original message. :slight_smile:

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interesting read.

Having read the article… I do wonder why any American would choose to leave America :upside_down_face::thinking::wink:

(I seem to remember a wealthy chap who had to dash off, out of England, every so often… to avoid paying UK taxes…

If memory serves, he and his family “lived” in several countries and paid no taxes in any of them… and his UK house was “watched” to ensure he did not overstay and thus become liable.)

Well… let me count some of the ways.

Perhaps an American would if, say:

  1. not going to earn income in host country
  2. close to retirement or retired
  3. a single person/couple with no plan to raise a family
  4. want to live in aesthetic/historic/cultural circumstances that can’t be attained for the same housing price
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Seems fair enough to me…glad you’re coming over here…

( it was just that the article painted such a bleak picture…)

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It does paint a bleak picture. :slight_smile:

She must have researched hard and deep as her réputation was at stake. What strikes me is the American response to everything. They punished the banks harder than the EU as the crisis was unprecedented in 2008.

The EU bailed them out and edicted rules plus strenghtened control. Hardly any fines at all, although they deserved punishment.
Mind you theEsma obliged the FCA to regulate CFDs as too risky.

The Americans go for it the big way. Always.

There is a national centre for whistleblowers and they get rewarded…everything like this…

I know Americans who live here permanently… as well as those who visit… they all thoroughly enjoy France… :heart_eyes:

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Thanks Mary for downloading…
If you read the article the state has a portion of their retirement plan and property.

Thanks God I will never become an American Citizen

Claudia, re: “If you read the article the state has a portion of their retirement plan and property.”

Not sure what you mean.