Favourite and least favourite French words!

What is your favourite French word? Mine is “crépuscule”, because it’s my favourite time of day and because I love the sound of it and the lovely pout you have to make to say it!

My least favourite word is “normalement” because it’s a weasel word, used by people who make a promise to do something or turn up at a certain time, with normalement as the get out, ie they will do it… unless they don’t feel like it, if something better doesn’t come up…if there’s an “r” in the month…

I really don’t know. It’s not a word that I find ugly, not elegant of course!It depends on the context, who says it and how; do you prefer “minette” which I think is rather cute!

Glad you like crépuscule Josette! As regards pronunciation, imagine the difficulty that japanese people have with Ecureuil and squirreling…i agree with Dedene, gonzesse is an ugly word…what are the origins of it?

I did not seen this discussion until just now.Elle me plait beaucoup!

I like “crépuscule” also, it’s very melodious, mysterious and rythmical. It is one of the “e” words with a masculine gender, le crépuscule. And that time of day is lovely.The opposite time of day, "l’aube ou l’aurore " are also lovely words. I am afraid I don’t have a favorite word : I like too many…

“Normalement”, to me, is a “safe word”, a word to prepare for possible “contretemps”, but very fair nevertheless.

Ecureuil is a favorite among French learners, however, it is hard to pronounce in English just as well! (“squirreling” probably takes the cake!)

I like “ecureuil” because I can’t pronounce it and we also have several of these little red guys with fur on their ears in our trees.

I’m not sure which word I prefer less. Maybe “gonzesse”.