Favourite "British" film

What is everyone’s favourite “British” film?

Hollywood is good at block busters, of course but the British film industry produces great films as well often with much more depth than their US cousins, frequently concentrating on character portrayal and development, often pulling at ones emotions, sometimes gritty but never dull and occasionally groundbreaking.

What are everyone’s favourites?

A few suggestions, in no particular order.
The Full Monty
Get Carter
Funeral in Berlin
The Italian Job
The Debt Collector
Still Crazy
Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
Finding Your Feet
Educating Rita
Shallow Grave
Darkest Hour
I, Daniel Blake
The Grand Budapest Hotel
Withnail and I

So many John, some of yours plus a lot of these…

Plus, Carry On, Don’t Lose Your Head…

Good to see “If” on your list. I was at grammar school when it was first shown on TV, and at morning assembly the headmaster said in front of some 600 of us, and I quote " Boys, there is a film on television tonight and I forbid each and everyone of you to watch it"

Needless to say…

I’ll add Life of Brian

So many to choose from, three recent favourites all have a music theme - Yesterday, Bohemian Rhapsody and Rocketman.

A atter of life and death (and any other Powell and Pressburger films).



Yes, there are many lists online, I was interested in people’s personal choices.

Hell Drivers


Bridget Jones’ Diary and Bend It Like Beckham probably my favourites.
Izzy x

The Lady Vanishes
The two cricket-obsessed characters Charters and Caldicott are so wonderfully English.


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The Family Way
A Taste of Honey
A Private Function
Brief Encounter
The 39 Steps,
Carry on Cabby and Carry on Camping …

Where eagles dare (persuaded my dad - quite easily, to take me to see it when it first came out, it was a school night and my mum went apeshit, but we still went)
Sink the Bismark
A clockwork orange
The devil’s
Goldeneye (and Skyfall)

Kind Hearts and Coronets
Passport to Pimlico

Classic Ealing comedies


Good shout

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Many favourites but Billy Elliot is high on my list.

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As many of my wife’s friends are in it.

Yes marvellous , and the one about the white suit.

Ugh terrible I spent hours wondering when there would be a plot rather than endless special effects clumsily bolted together.

Local hero, sweet film.

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Lots of those mentioned but 2 stand out above all the others, for the action but also for the humour, with a delicious ironic tinge.

The Italian Job (the original, can’t bring myself to watch the newer one)
Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, for the same 2 reasons.

Both Michael Caine and Vinny Jones are marvelous and head and shoulders above all others. :smiley:

Alfie too, another great, always had a crush on Jane Asher and the scene of the fight in the pub with the wonderful Queenie Watts belting out her song with chairs and glasses, not to mention bodies, flying all around her. Absolutely hilarious.