Favourite type of cheese cake?

I made a very nice cheese cake a while ago flavoured with pistachio & coconut with a raspberry coulis. It was a standard type recipe, creamed cheese with some gelatine to stabilise it. I love cheese cake however when I went to Florida last year, the selection was outrageous! I didn't know what to choose, and even what was what, if you know what I mean. I did enjoy the baked new York style which has a softer texture. What is your favourite? ![](upload://rdltY9zeiTxvDDu1NndcC8iagex.jpg)have you tried any very unusual ones?

My favorite is rasins soaked in rum , with a deep sprinkle of grated dark choocolate on top yum

Peter...just check online for savoury cheesecakes..there are so many now....proper savoury cheesecake as opposed to a quiche style tart. Most of them require oatcakes for the base. I have a zillion cookery books...but when we are entertaining, as we are this Tuesday, and I will have 10, including a vegetarian...I invariably decide on a theme and then check online for recipes that grab me. I love Yotam Ottolenghi for vegetarian fare...and can find so many of his recipes online.

I too love the baked cheesecakes best. It is easy to find digestive biscuits here now.

I would love to hear some of those savoury ideas please :slight_smile: I am professional, I have been a chef for over 25 years now…

well...the above looks amazingly professional! my personal preference is New York baked...which I prefer to the non cooked type. Have some lovely recipes for savoury cheescakes which, as I dont have a sweet tooth, are for me, perfection!