Favourite YP mix

Ok everyone, time to reveal all.

What is your preferred Yorkshire Pudding mix ? I’m now making toadi in the hole hence the post.

Everyone seems to have a different recipe, mine is the Jamie Oliver mix which seems to work well. not forgetting the pinch of salt.

Mine changes depending what mood I’m in.
The basic for me is with a pinch of mixed herbs added and sometimes I add paprika or ground hot chilli peppers.
I always add black pepper when seasoning food and never add salt, there’s too much naturally in food and my palate now can’t support it YUK!! :salt:

Yes, black pepper. I’ve used it before and definitely adds something.I will add some to this mix.
Is the yp mix always the same for toad in the hole ?
For me yes as it’s easier to remember !

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I hadly ever measure the mix but +/- 7 oz plain flour 7 floz of half milk & half beer & 3-4 eggs & the pinch of salt. Dob of lard in the baking pan not oil.

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Agreed, I never measure, one gets to know what works.
However for a new recette i will always follow the original measurements and then on subsequent occasions tweak it to my personal taste.

PS never tried YP with beer! :beer: Might give it a go thanks @Wozza

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Yes do, it makes a nice fluffy mix, you may have to put it in the fridge for a bit. Also good way of having a sneaky pre lunch drink to finish the surplus beer.


A good question Peter. After a depressing run of flat-as-a-pancake YP’s a few years ago I searched and found a recipe that I’ve found always works. The key is to use the same volume of eggs, flour and milk and of course to add a pinch of salt. I can confirm that the toad in the hole I made this way last weekend was very good!

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The same volume of eggs always works to give a fluffier lighter consistency.
Not so long ago, I helped out in a centre de loisirs. This was during the summer holidays when numbers doubled/trebled.
To my shock/ horror but later understanding, when we did cooking where we were not allowed to use eggs for a sponge mix, cake! Due to the fact the some people are intolerant!!
WTF !! businesses are so so scared that a fatality may be placed at their door.
It’s a shame…at least all the cookbooks aren’t being re-written. :roll_eyes:

Well, it turned out ok and was very tasty.

285ml milk
115g flour
3 eggs
pinch of sea salt
pinch of black pepper


Looks nice Peter, how did you do the gravy & did you eat it with green winter cabbage & steamed or boiled potatoes? My favorite things to eat with Toad in the hole.

Looks burnt to me…or am I missing something? …tact…conformity…etc…

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Yes, 5 minutes less in the oven for me too… but otherwise looks fab. My MIL made the best ones ever, and I put it down to the dish she made them in - totally blackened and bashed as she used to hurl it in the oven to heat the fat at very high temperature, and then haul it out quickly pour batter in and slam it back in.

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Looks perfect to me, mash and onion gravy. Made with proper sausages I hope :blush:

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Tasted great, had it with carrot and potato mash - no gravy just a drop of tomato ketchup. Bangers were pork and apple.


Mary Berry. Absolutely fantastic !