Fearless French cafe owner thwarts armed robbery!

A fearless owner of a Calvados bar-restaurant-epicerie Le Bocage Normand in the small village of Champ-du-Boult defended herself and customers from an armed robbery on Monday the 18th April 2016.

She refused to hand over the cash from her till despite the 21 year old gunman firing two shots and threatening to shoot her. Prior to launching her defense she put down a customer's baby that she had been cradling, taking the assailants bag she proceeded to attack him with it joined by a customer who throws a bar stool at him, the gunman quickly flees the scene on a scooter.

The café owner, Nathalie Leclerc-Pelan said she acted instinctively and immediately called the police, the gunman later returned to the town square and was arrested.

She thinks he returned to apologise.

The bar is about 8 miles from where I used to live in Normandie.

You can see a muzzle flash at about 58 seconds. Thing is that no-one seemed to take him seriously until he fired that shot - then they hit him with a chair. Good for them.

The owner of a sandwich shop near where I lived in Greenwich had two yobs try to rob her. They pushed her out of the way and went to rob her till. She mustered all her strength and punched one of them very hard on the nose. They ran away. She was all of 5' 2".
I know it's not always possible or wise - but it's good when it happens.