Fed up with Amazon France

How come it is so difficult to chat with someone at Amazon France. I have numerous problems with orders and it seems to take all day to get it sorted if at all. Twice i have been offered discount vouchers and everytime i try to use them they dont work . I am so frustrated with wasting my time trying to deal with Amazon that i am canceling my amazon Prime subscription.

Well done! We haven’t used Amazon for years now and don’t miss it!

We avoid Prime like the plague although I’m sure others have a good experience of it.
As for customer support from Amazon France, I can only write from personal experience where we were having problems with deliveries from a 3rd party (but owned by Amazon) company which we reported through their chat facility when reporting non delivery, they took effective action and all deliveries since have been by Colissimo without any further problems. The agent promised to escalate the issue and clearly this worked. It had to be conducted in French of course, but this is where Google Translate came into its own :wink:

I use it quite a lot and find it works very well. Rapid and free delivery with Prime.

Yes, I found it was worth having Prime in France because their general deliveries were a bit sluggish. As a bonus there’s the odd TV programme to enjoy.
Unless you have an issue with Amazon (which I accept many people do, quite understandably), I think it’s worth paying a few Euros a month. Particularly so if you’re not near a big city, so your choices of eg shampoo, pet supplies, electronic stuff, etc, can be quite restricted.

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I have always had good service from Amazon.fr, much better than the UK.
I have complained about wrong items/late or they cannot find me deliveries and use the complaints procedure writing in English and French (always apologize for my French :yum:) and have always had a message or phone call in English and have always been satisfied with the usual refund or credit to my account, I do have Prime as well.


I cancelled my French Amazon Prime a few days ago as I find its often cheaper to use Amazon Germany or Spain.
Must also try Amazon Holland.

Seems like all company’s. They way to judge them is when something goes wrong and you need to sort it . Unfortunately I am tired of trying to deal with Amazon ,it just takes soooo long to find the right medium . Just not worth the hassle . There are plenty of alternative suppliers to try .

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So true David, I haven’t had any problems with Amazon.fr yet so cannot comment on their ‘chat’ service. The thought fills me with horror though, my French is ok but argueing in it is a definite nono for me.

I have just had a very high blood pressure inducing 4 hour confrontation with Amazon.uk though which ended in complete victory for me, so worth it in the end. After at first refusing to send a replacement for a faulty item, ‘because of Brexit, must be to a UK address only’ they finally relented (after I pointed out that it had been sent by them in January, thus after Brexit too) and not only agreed to send it to me here, but also to refund the almost £24 postage for the returned faulty one. And that wasn’t all, after at first stating that the replacement would be sent ‘after the faulty one was received and inspected, and then within 10 days’, they then told me it was already in hand and would be delivered next Monday, 6 days after I sent proof of posting from here.

There is no way that I would have got anywhere near such a climb down using my French. :roll_eyes:

So I think future purchases, other than Kindle downloads, will be made from Amazon.de , who seem keen to use English. :slightly_smiling_face:

If you have a look at my post, if you use Google translate for your massage and put both the French and English or just the message in English they will reply in English so no need to worry about how good your French is with Amazon Fr.


Use both Amazon France and UK with no problems except it i use auto Google translate on fr, it sometimes won’t search properly. Just swith it off via the icon, search and then put it back on to read the page…if necessary.
Re UK, I ordered some books week ago arrived today, experience no difference in service or costs prior to 1st January.


Useful to know about the books, John - thank you! It’s the only thing I’ve been using Amazon UK for :smiley:

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possibly because books are not vat-able and not dutiable in either country?

come to think of it, wouldn’t this also apply to food imports? or at least, those not in prohibited categories such as the famously confiscated ham sandwich ? :slight_smile:

VAT on books is 5.5% in France.

Indeed, that’s why when you buy a book from an online UK seller, the price is always higher over here.

I have had Prime in both UK and France for several years but after Brexit I did not renew the UK subscription.
So far all has worked well for me with the French site.