FedEx Delivery Mayhem

What can I say… waited in all day… even though there were a thousand and one things needing to be done elsewhere… but, no… urgent delivery arriving by FedEx today… Huh… not a chance

I’ve tracked its progress and noted it left the local hub (45km away) around 9am… so … yippee…
Latest update… it will be with us by 6pm today … ok… that’ll do it’s only 5.30pm

OH has just downloaded an APP which enables all sorts of detailed tracking (covers hundreds of companies)… and he came dashing in to tell me that our delivery is on-site and marked:

“undeliverable… customer not available/business closed …”

Grrrr… FedEx fortunately have a phone number and a chap has kept his cool in the face of my polite fury…

Maybe you were out when he passed…NO… maybe he could not find the landmark that you live beside (how ??) Impossible to miss, says I trying hard not to spit at him… :rage:

Can he phone you so you can explain how to find the landmark… ??
(by this time I am seriously losing it…)

You have the number already… but here it is again… and my mobile number and my shoe size… anything that will help get the parcel delivered…

Finally, he promised delivery tomorrow between 10am and 3pm…

NO I said… we stayed in especially today… tomorrow we have to go OUT and will be back by 11am… so delivery MUST be made AFTER 11am.

He has assured me he will do his best. (huh???)

I’ll let you know how this pans out…

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The times that I have 'phoned FedEx to be told the same story by the ‘chap in charge’ is unbelieavable.
I was even told one time that the driver has defintely delivered to you, of course it’s the usual ‘trick’, the driver after a certain hour will not deliver to you, despite what it says on the docket, e mail or whatever the ‘chap in charge’ says!
It always arrives the following day and it’s so annoying, I even had the driver tell me that his colleague had delivered it to a wrong address and that he (my driver) collected it for me the following day…
I gave the driver the universal French signal that says (my arse, do you think that I believe that) he had the grace to look shamefaced and mutter an apology.
What’s even more annoying is that it’s the same driver every time !!
Can understand your rage Stella, but really nothing works with this company ! :rage:

We’ve contacted the UK company and advised them to find another transporter 'cos we won’t buy from them again if they use FedEx… :zipper_mouth_face:

I dare say that FedEx are telling your UK company the same lies that we are getting. It’s certainly worth contacting them though because if enough of us do so then they may just get their act together …

"Customer not Available or Business Closed

Recommended action:

Door tag will provide the time and address of the FedEx location where you may pick up your shipment, and also indicate if another delivery attempt will be made."

What door tag???.. no door tag??? … 'cos there was no attempted delivery… grrr

46km isn’t far… it was out on delivery at 8.30 this morning… for heaven’s sake…

Stella, I believe that we live in a simular area. I had a delivery from FedEx today which I was advised was on thier van for delivery from Marsac de LiIle. True to their word it was as I got a call from the driver at 11.55 and 5 minutes later he was at the door. At least FedEx have one satisfied customer!

That’s not fair…

I’ve just moaned at my friend down the road… and she reminded me that FedEx couldn’t find our Village, let alone the Mairie a while ago…

The wrath of the Secretaire was something to behold, apparently… :wink::upside_down_face::rofl:

Just for their own convenience.
Drives you mad.

Hey! I’d love to know that universal signal! :grin:

These days we usually use ‘point relais’ rather than direct delivery. It’s so much more convenient.

That’s fine for some… when we order stuff, we do not want to get the car out to go and collect it… plus, to do so is not always possible…

Home Delivery is what we go for… we pay for it… and we expect to get it !

To express your disbelief at what someone is telling you, use your index finger to pull down the skin under your eye and say, “Mon œil !”… Or you do as I did, the same but whilst staying silent and giving them ’ the look’, that’s equivelent to saying my arse, do you think that I am stupid enough to believe that !
The second version is not to be used lightly, however when someone tells an outright lie to my face and thinks he can get away with it because I am English then it serves very well !

We go to town about once week, and there’s little that we order that we need more urgently or that is so heavy we need it delivered to the door. Each to their own, as we prefer not to pay for delivery we accept a small delay.

As you say, each to their own.

We have regular suppliers, chosen for quality of product and low/zero transport charges…

But, sometimes a specialist part is not so easy to source… and we get stuck with FedEx… like now… grrrrr

Thank you, Ann Coe! I might start using that here in Seattle - with all of our nouveau riche techie millenials, we hear a lot of tall tales :wink:

Yes, each to thier own. More often as not you have to accept the courier that the supplier you are buying from uses. Waiting a few extra days to collect from somewhere central might be ok for some but some deliveries cannot wait. Call me inpatient but when you are expecting the first proof copy of your latest book then I cannot wait.


When OH is champing at the bit… trying to finish his latest project/meet the promised deadline… and the last “piece of the puzzle” is hiding in FedEx filing tray (or wherever)… ooohh … eeeerrr… things get a bit fraught.

Now that deserves a bike courrier to your door! But we never get anything as exciting so I find overall it’s better for my blood pressure to wait a day or two than fume at missed deliveries, and better for the environment since we live in back of beyond. Most supplies offer a delivery choice now that includes a point relay.

For each individual… it is a matter of choice… and is not always suitable.

A Relay Point is not our choice, unsuitable due to our circumstances … and, it is interesting to note that the Delivery goes past our village to get to the Relay Point… :zipper_mouth_face:

Simple as that.

I used to have the same problem with DHL, even had the van turn round outside my house and then they had the cheek to say he couldn’t find my address

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