Feedback form received from Service des Impôts

I was amused to receive an online feedback form from the Service des Impôts Particuliers after a recent visit. ‘Would I recommend this experience to my friends etc?’

I wonder if there is any more unlikely source of feedback forms than the fisc- maybe the prison service after serving a sentence? I simply can’t imagine equivalents overseas eg HMRC or the IRS remotely bothering to obtain feedback, despite calling us ‘customers’, so credit to the SIP for at least trying! The visit was in fact quite a helpful experience…

I like the fact that they ask for feedback… having the chance to comment, criticize if necessary… that’s important in my view.

When we get folk who are in a quandry… often the best advice is to talk/message whichever Company/Bureau/Whoever …
And your positive feedback, (here on the Forum) might well encourage others to be brave enough to approach Service des Impôts Particuliers, rather than fret (possibly unnecessarily).


I have had these questionnaires from the tax office on a couple of occasions and I have always been able to give them excellent scores.

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HMRC in the UK do indeed seek feedback.

The only thing that HMRC has ever sought from me during the last 20 years is my money.

But @Robert_Hodge - it is now OUR money! (I hope this makes you feel all warm & cosy inside!)

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Ah well, tis just one of the two things in life that are absolutely guaranteed. Death and Taxes.

Unless your extremely rich or Royal - in which case you will have evaded it or done a deal :slight_smile: