Feedback on experience of making a claim on a mutuelle

Following on from the discussion on another thread about just hospitalisation mutuelle cover, OH is rethinking whether we should go back to full cover and I’ve been getting some comparative quotes for him.

The product that Fabien offers through this site is very good value, but of course it’s not just the sale price, it’s also the experience of the claim and OH has asked me to check this out.

I would therefore be very grateful if anyone would be prepared to pm me about their experience of claiming against Fabien’s mutuelle. I obviously need no details other than whether the claim experience was easy or whether there were problems.

Thanks for any help with this.

(I hope you don’t mind Fabien, I live with a retired accountant and he is a cautious guy!)

Sue, from what I understand he is a broker and works with a number of companies to get the best deal so the next person along may not have the same experience as the last one as they are not necessarily both with the same company even though organised through Fabien.

Fair point Tory, but also it will give us a general idea.

My experience with MAAF Sue is that I’m rarely actually involved. The professionals, hospitals, clinics, labs and pharmacies that I frequent all make their own claims against Amelie and the Mutuel. When I log on every now and then to either site there’s a list of transactions which I’ve been totally unaware of. The only things I can remember actually paying for is internet access and a single room in hospital and some dental work that exceeded my Mutual cover.

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Thanks John, good to know.

I just get a statement of what has been paid and for whom (seeing the top-up bit of my mutuelle covers my student children as well as me) my health cover and mutuelle are both linked to my job and are genuine cooperative mutuelles rather than for profit insurance companies.

When we had full mutuelle cover we also opted for a proper mutuelle, rather than a for-profit insurance company.

Since mutuelles are so ubiquitous here, and with technology improvements, it is generally pretty seamless now. Hand over Carte Vitale, receive statement once a month… I’m sure every mutuelle messes up once in a while, but generally you get what you pay for.

I’m looking to change my mutuelle from the one I had originally via the bank. I’m interested to know how I work out which are proper mutuelles?

The description of the organisation will probably say whether they are or not…a mutuelle is “à but non lucratif organisant la solidarité entre leurs membres”. Profit making companies will describe themselves as a “compagnie d’assurance”. Mutuelles can be smaller and more local bodies too. Clues also in name - AXA , Groupama, Allianz, AG2R, Aviva, etc are all big insurance companies

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Thank you @JJones . I must admit that all the ones I’ve found locally seem to be agents for one of the big companies but I appreciate knowing the words you’ve given me and will have a better hunt around!