Feel good Friday

Hurrah! It's Friday and we are off out to lunch with some lovely friends. What are you all up to?

I've had the wood-preservation guys up in the attic spraying the life out of some mythical wood-boring insects a surveyor claimed to have found evidence of in the timbers. Not very interesting in itself, I'll admit, but a milestone for me because it's the final issue to be addressed before I put my property on the market to fund a carefree new life in La France Relatively Profonde. A friend has described the speed to my migration as "glacial", which is a bit unfair since I've arrived at this stage after only 10 years of planning. A feel-good Friday indeed.

Good Friday, indeed))) I gonna go shopping - I will try to find a gift for my best friend. Advise me, please - something useful or useless, but pretty?))