Femmes and dammes

Love reading the groups meanderings, its like reading me grandmas Womans Own when I was a sprog and going to the problem page and thinking how embarrassed I would be if anyone knew I was reading a ladies magazine. Oh how times have changed for the youth of today.

The penis shaped veg topic amused me at first then I thought what a sad bloke he is.

Do you ladies really go round thinking about phallic veg when you are doing the shopping, pick up a carrot and think to yourselves mmmm, or do the 2 screaming kids in tow, got to be back to mow the lawn, feed the rabbit, get dinner on the go, be late for work, etc take precedence. I'm sure we have all sniggered a time or two at an appropriately shaped veg, usually with a partner on your arm, but for me it says more about him as a perverted bloke more than anything else.

Does it worry you that crap like that gets news air time and fuels more racism/mockery or that in this case is a religious leader, of sorts, so far out of touch with reality?

Unfortunately I cant find the carrot pic someone emailed me, snigger snigger :)

Yes John lol , wwas going to keep it for myself but that would be selfish wouldn't it :-D

So it was you who nicked the picture then Carloyn :)

Had trouble adding text beside the photo so here it is ;

I can't take credit for this photo , a friend kindly sent it to me for our horsey forum

Good post John - thanks. I will share with the 'wimmin' so it doesn't get missed! x