Fencing with Pvc wire fence, pro, cons?

Just bought a property near Valbonne, there is an old rusty wire fence needing replacement, and I am looking to install approx. 200 mtrs. Of pvc coated wire fence 2 mtrs. Height. Anyone familiar with this type of fence, advise on cost or a company you recommend? Thanks.

Do you mean ordinary chain link style fencing or fixed rigid metal panels? If the latter then you can do it yourself but 200m is a lot and would cost an arm and a leg. To err on the safe side I would check at the mairie to see if you need to declare a new installation and I believe there is a height limit too, it may have changed but if you get permission, no one can challenge you. A local paysagiste might be the way to go in terms of getting the work done. On this new lotissement we are only allowed the grey anthracite rigid metal fence panels which with the footings,posts,crepi and fixings etc are going to cost me plenty but it is obligatory to shut the whole place off as demanded by the authorities. I will be paying approx €80-90 for each panel inc bits and have 10 to do down the drive at 2.50m then 9 across the back plus the odd half sheets. B.Depot do cheaper but I want something a bit more substantial.

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Hi Im thinking ordinary chain link style, Its basically replacing the old fence, and there is plenty of greenery behind so no issue with transparency. I also see that some of the neighbours have 2 mtrs. Height. Thanks :pray:t2:

Chain link far cheaper but recommend you make concrete footing for the posts and don’t have them too far apart. Might pay to get some quotes as preparation work would be included if you don’t have the time to cut existing greenery back.


I would strongly advise against chain link. I only wish I had known better when I had all mine installed over 20 years ago. Once it is breached, by an animal or whatever, it unravels like a loose knit jumper and is almost impossible to repair securely.

You don’t say why you need it, but if it is to keep animals (dogs etc.) in then I would recommend soldered metal stock fencing, and as high as your local regs allow it.

Even then with certain animals you may need other, extra, methods. I watched a Great Dane leap to the top of a 2 metre stock fence last week and then climb over it. But I wasn’t surprised, a very athletic young Dobermann female, that I was fostering, climbed the same fence while I watched in awe a couple of years ago. I cured her of doing that here by attaching a loose role of fencing to the bottom of the fence, thus preventing her from starting the climb because her feet went through the mesh. :smiley:

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