Fermeture exceptional

Wrongly titled in our village. Should be fermeture normalement. In our village the post office and the restaurant seem to take it in turns. At first I thought this was quirky. Now I find this very frustrating!!!!!!!!!!!

... and until this week, we'd only closed christmas day and boxing day since last october, and people complained about that too...!

If I have to go to the pharmacy on a Monday I try to choose according to which one of two is open on the rota. The problem is that a couple of times a year both have a congé which tends to adjust the rota so that the communal website is also wrong. One is nice to customers, the other rude, so I prefer the obvious. I also try to combine that with taking children to school, going to my physio, then perhaps supermarket and sometimes filling my car. School and physio are fine. As said the pharmacies might switch rota Mondays, the Intermarché filling station often has the card payment pumps down on Monday morning so I have to wait until 0930, the supermarket opens at 0900, all very well except that changes from season to season so that in the autumn I can end up with the wrong pharmacy, no fuel and hovering about in the supermarket kicking my heels. There is exceptional and different to cope with which drives me, quire frankly, nuts!!!!

et oui, les fermatures exeptionnelle are the norm - we've just closed our shop for 2 days fermature exeptionnelle and had plenty of people complaining !