Fête nationale (Bastille Day to the Brits) 14th July 2018 & 2019

Wasn’t the only faux-pas Bill:

Never mind the hiccups… wasn’t it great !! :grin:

It was stella.

      We watch it every year in absolute awe at the might and power of France.

      Couldn't imagine such a parade in the UK.

      Be a bit like Standard Fireworks sparklers on bonfire night..

      one fizzz and they're gone lol

      Will you be watching the concert tonight?


Local things may take precedence, but not sure yet…

Have been “trapped” at my computer today waiting for important/difficult news from family in UK… and this morning’s Ceremony has been a wonderful “distraction” :relaxed::open_mouth:

I’ve just set the connection to listen/watch (if possible) through France Info… the programme looks fabulous, got me humming away already… :relaxed::relaxed::relaxed:

'Ope 'e is ok, heavy bike to have on top of you, done that a time or three :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

You can see a picture of both drivers and their machines… according to the reportage… they were only going at a slow speed, not injured, and quickly picked themselves up and got back into the fray…:relaxed:

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I like hiccups, it gives humanity in this kind of event :blush:

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They march at their own very slow pace and they never split, so they all go off to the same side when they are passing the dais with all the fatcats.
I LOVE the défilé :heart:

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As I say Vero… I found it by chance today… but will make a point of watching in future years. Absolutely wonderful stuff… :hugs:

Just as exciting as the march past is the build up to it from about 8am covering the very personal side of the participants and showing the French taxpayer just what they are getting for their money covered on both TF1 and TF2.
Very reassuring.

Graham…I shall build all my future 14th July stuff around this… thanks …:hugs:

Why do some people persist in calling 14th July “Bastille Day” when the French refer to it as the “Fête Nationale”?

We went on a very long riverside picnic - French style with various courses and various wines - with some French friends, and this topic came up. The French just don’t refer to the Bastille. End of. To call today by any other name than the one in current use is just ridiculous. Not to mention somewhat discourteous.

It did start off as a celebration of the storming of the Bastille, and I guess the name has probably stuck with us discourteous British immigrants. Apologies to all the French for getting it so wrong for so long.

@Steve_Cobham Bearing in mind France’s history it is unsurprising that to the English-speaking nations 14th July is commonly known as Bastille Day.

This Link clearly shows that the “storming of the Bastille on 14th July” was taken into consideration by the French Parliament (and whoever), when choosing an acceptable date for the Fête Nationale. However, it was not the only reason for choosing 14th July… :thinking: … read on…


Graham… OH managed to get the TV/computer link done just in time… we thoroughly enjoyed the concert from Paris… and the link didn’t start wobbling/dying until part way through the fireworks…:relaxed::relaxed::hugs:

Definitely one for the 2019 diary… :grin::grin::grin:

(when the commentator bellowed “debout, debout”, I was pleased to stand for the Marseillaise… . (I remember standing proudly, as a child, whenever the National Anthem was played… back in UK… Why did that get stopped I wonder…:thinking: )

Brilliant Stella. So glad you enjoyed it.

They said that the concert has the largest attendance at an outdoor concert in the world!

Quatre-vingt-dix mille people yesterday.

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Here’s the link for anyone who missed the concert and would like to catch-up… Put in on full screen, turn up the sound… sit back and enjoy… .


I think because the Brits have now lost their self respect and esteem stella.
Renditions of the Marseillaise at sporting events are stirring stuff - particularly from the stands - and sung with huge passion unlike the sultry tones of ‘God save the Queen’ sung with a half hearted effort. Come to think of it, they don’t even bother with it at some events preferring all sorts of other concoctions like Jerusalem et al
Do kids in UK schools even get taught the national anthem these days? I think they do in France…

I have to say though stella how the hell that lady pianist managed to avoid a dress malfunction is beyond me… defied all the laws of gravity :grin: