Few questions on Hello Bank account statements


I’ve a personal account on BNP Paribas that’s not for auto-entrepreneur purposes, but on a second personal account at Hello Bank that I use for my auto-entrepreneur income. I’ve questions on Hello Bank account statements and related records.

I’m checking my bank statements from Hello Bank and I see that while there are 16 checking account statements available, only 4 of them are from Hello Bank and are called “relevé de compte cheque” (starting only from June and up to September) and actually corresponds to the Hello Bank RIB, the rest are being called “relevé évolution compte chèque” and “relevé situation compte chèque”, and the last two correspond to my BNP Paribas account RIB, not Hello Bank RIB.

Now, my Hello Bank has been active since March,

i) so I’m wondering why they have the “relevé de compte cheque” only from June and not from March itself? And

ii) why I’m getting releve situation and évolution from my BNP Paribas account, instead of the Hello Bank one? And finally

iii) is there a way to get a relevé from Hello Bank showing the account balance from March to June?

iv) There’s no “recherche avancé” that makes me find the old transactions back from March or April? I see that such advanced research is there on BNP Paribas, but why is it not there on Hello Bank?

Thanks in advance!