FFVE - Attestation Carte Grise Collection et plus

Had an interesting day with my car club pals…

A chap from FFVE talked briefly, very interesting…

In the last year:
47,000 dossiers received
45% of dossiers had to be returned to the sender, due to the dossier being incomplete in some way.
38,000 Attestations sucessfully delivered.

Current average turnaround of completed dossier is 4-6 weeks for the ordinary person; 1 week for the professional

Beware of scams.
Sometimes a vehicle is offered for sale (Le Bon Coin etc) at an attractive price, but without documentation… with the Seller advising Buyer: just get FFVE to do an Attestation, easy-peasy.
NO it is not easy-peasy, not at all… often it’s absolutely impossible… and more and more folk are falling foul of this.

I just thought this warning was worth broadcasting…


In light of your comments about amateur submissions, does @anon90504988 handle FFVE applications?

FFVE whats that?.

The chap was merely suggesting that folk ensure they include whatever is asked for…
eg: it’s absolutely a waste of time NOT including the necessary photos (seems that’s a common fault)

It’s always been the case that incomplete applications are returned to sender… so the sender can complete properly and resend… which delays the whole process and (frankly) wastes the time of the poor clerk who is snowed under with requests and has to sort the wheat from the chaff …

Getting a dossier together is not rocket science… I’ve done them myself, so it can’t be that difficult… :wink:

But for those who need help, there are professionals (including @anon90504988) who will make the application… for a fee (fair enough).

another interesting snippet…

Where vehicles are currently banned/restricted, due to emissions… in many instances CGCollection vehicles will be OK (but check local details)… things are improving gradually.

However, Diesel vehicles, including military stuff will NOT be allowed even if they are CGCollection.

CGCollection Diesels will need to obtain specific permission for each individual journey… from the various Prefectures involved… and permission might NOT be granted… so check carefully don’t just assume that one Permission covers the whole trip…

I think this is correct… it’s either in place now… or coming into force soon.

Sadly some chap behind me insisted on nattering, so I might have missed something…

FFVE has a wonderful site and it’s well worth reading through their various sections.

thread of acronyms😭