FFVE attestations no longer valid for imports?

Bad news from ANTS!

An FFVE certificate alone is no longer valid for registering a classic import over 30 years old - you now need either a certificate of conformity or an RTI from DREAL AS WELL!

This is to ensure that the imported vehicle complies with french regulations apparently.

Biggest flaw in this is that to qualify as a vehicule de collection it cannot be fundamentally altered but to conform to french regs it might well need to be fundamentally altered.

I hope it is just ANTS bullsh*t but I have written to FFVE for confirmation.

The response to a message to ANTS got this reply - "Note from the instructing department

01/07/2021 13:31 AUTR

Other reason - free field: Hello, we acknowledge receipt of your message sent on 01-07-2021. Concerning the previous vehicles having a certificate of the F.F.V.E., their definitive registrations with the mention of collection use will not be cancelled. However, in order to process your request and as indicated in our previous message, please send us a technical proof of conformity (certificate of conformity issued by the manufacturer or the official report of acceptance as a single vehicle (PV de R.T.I.) issued by the D. R.E.A.L.) in application of article 1-E of the decree of 9 February 2009 since the F.F.V.E. certificate transmitted by you is only used to add the use “collection vehicle” (article 4-E of the decree of 9 February 2009) and does not replace the technical proof of conformity to be produced. The scope of intervention of the D.R.E.A.L., placed under the authority of the Ministry of Ecological Transition and Solidarity, was extended in June 2021 to enable them to issue an individual type-approval report for all vehicles (including those over 30 years old) that have neither a Community type-approval nor a national type-approval, which ensures their conformity. Yours sincerely"

More pointless bureaucracy?

Brilliant - Joseph Heller would love it.

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Mark… as a matter of interest, what vehicle are we talking about??

Is this “new” legislation???

My 1966 car, was successfully CT’d, plus FFVE and straight into CGCollection without blinking… but that was back in the days of real people.

And the CTechnique was done in accordance with how the car would have been tested in its day… eg no seatbelts perfectly alright…

This happens to be a 1987 2CV.
I have submitted quite a few vehicles for registration under the ANTS system & not had a problem until today. The FFVE attestation has always been recognized for imported collection vehicles.
I’m not sure if ANTS are correct as imported collection cars of any age still need a CT initially, albeit a sensitive one so the safety element has already been checked. I am not sure what exactly a DREAL RTI would be looking at in this case as there are often no specifications available for some older vehicles.
I wonder what the Co2 emissions should be on my 1938 Armstrong Siddeley ? The headlights do not have a patterned beam & dip by activating a magnet to move the reflector. No rear fog light, windscreen washers, seat belts or air bags & enough projections to impale a football team.
Fortunalely it is already registered here courtesy of an FFVE certificate.

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As I recall from many years ago… the CTechnique inspector … looked at the car… looked in his computer for guidance… then weighed the car… and called it quits.
Mind you, it was a 1925 Citrœn Trèfle… totally original… a little gem.


A bucket hanging on the tailpipe to collect the unburnt fuel.

Mark does this apply to Motorcycles as well or just cars.?

I’m not sure it should apply at all!
I have a few FFVE bikes going through at the moment so I will have to see if it is a trend or just one operative’s misinterpretation.

Just to follow up -
I have had a second application bounced back with the same request from ANTS but I have also had a reply from the FFVE
"Following the latest ANTS blockages, we alerted the Directorate General for Energy and Climate (DGEC) at the Ministry of Transport, which told us that it had indicated to the CERTs (Centres d’Expertise et de Ressources des Titres Sécurisés) of the ANTS that RTIs could be carried out on vehicles over 30 years old and not that they should be carried out.

There would have been a misunderstanding between the departments concerned. (…)

Another instruction was issued for correction by the DSR (Direction de la Sécurité Routière) to the Ministry of the Interior (on which the CERTs depend), with communication of the tripartite agreement signed between the DSR, the DGEC and the FFVE."

I have sent this back to ANTS & await their next response!

good morning,
I am french.
Non, no probem for obtaining a carte grise if you will possess an attestation of the FFVE

What is the car, i know somebody “working” in the FFVE

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Good news!
Well, after contemplating the response from FFVE & no doubt a clarification from the various official bodies concerned, ANTS have changed their stance & have now accepted the FFVE attestation only & issued a carte grise for the 2CV & some of the other collection vehicles I have had pending with them.

The “and/or” misunderstanding is now sorted & imported collection vehicles are being processed as normal.

It is now possible to obtain a certificate from DREAL but I wonder if it involves taking the vehicle to them? The FFVE applications are issued via the post & a physical inspection is not required.


Thank you but there was an issue with ANTS who seemed to think that the purpose of the FFVE certificate for registering an imported collection vehicle had recently been taken away & that new legislation now required a DREAL RTI. In fact no new legislation had been made & there was a misunderstanding - now rectified - between the departments with ANTS thinking that a DREAL inspection was now needed.
Fortunately now sorted!

The message sent to recent applicants is here -

Demande envoyée par le CERT le : 01/07/2021 13:31

Bonjour, nous accusons réception de votre message transmis en date du 01-07-2021. Concernant les précédents véhicules ayant une attestation de la F.F.V.E., leurs immatriculations définitives avec la mention usage de collection ne seront pas annulées. Cependant, afin de traiter votre demande et comme indiqué dans notre précédent message, afin de traiter votre demande, veuillez nous transmettre un justificatif technique de conformité ( certificat de conformité délivré par le constructeur ou le procès verbal de réception à titre isolé ( PV de R.T.I.) délivré par la D.R.E.A.L.) en application de l article 1-E de l arrêté du 9 février 2009 puisque l attestation F.F.V.E. transmise par vos soins ne sert qu à l ajout de l usage « véhicule de collection » ( article 4-E de l arrêté du 9 février 2009 ) et ne remplace pas le justificatif technique de conformité à produire. Le périmètre d intervention des D.R.E.A.L., placées sous l autorité du Ministère de la transition écologique et solidaire, a été élargi courant juin 2021 pour permettre dès lors de délivrer un procès-verbal de réception à titre isolé à tous les véhicules ( y compris ceux de plus de 30 ans ) ne disposant ni d une réception communautaire, ni d une réception nationale, ce qui permet de s¿assurer de leur conformité. Cordialement.

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No no no,

You must have only the FFVE document.

What is your car ?

As a garagiste & long term residentI know the system well & I know that the FFVE certificate has been the only attestation necessary but individual ANTS operatives can sometimes be a little “creative” in their interpretation of the requirements!
I currently have about 12 collection imports being analyzed by ANTS & now that the mistake by ANTS has been resolved I am now having them approved again, thank goodness.
The original ANTS notice was for a Citroen 2CV which is now correctly registered & subsequently a campervan & 4 motorbikes have also been approved so - crisis over!
This is my collection vehicle -


lovely to see this car…

A French friend has one… also RHD…

Thnking about it… it was nearly 10 years ago, while out on a rally, he ground to a halt… and stood there, inspecting his tyres.
We pulled in behind… and went over to see what was happening.

This tyre has let me down!
That’s terrible, and it looks almost new… get your money back !
Well, I don’t think I can… it’s not had much use, but …
Oh… how old is it then…?
Might be an original…
:roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

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