Fibre connections

Does anyone know whether it is imperative to subscribe to Livebox before Orange will connect me to fibre? The line has been in our lane for over a year but still no connection. I read on the Orange site that if there is a green band on the pole it would be connected. We have no green band. We are in 46220.

If you ring the Orange English speaking helpline, do they say you can have fibre?

Check out


Have you asked to be connected? In some places, like blocks of flats, it is brought to the apartment, but usually the fibre is provided to your boundary, but you then have to arrange for it to be brought into your house.

Check your eligibility as Fleur says, then look up which service providers operate in your patch, and then arrange with one of them to link up your house. With most of them there is a charge.

If the only provider in your area is Orange, then yes you will need to take out a contract with them. Who do you get your internet from now?

We use at the moment. Always been good and helpful.

I have used Fleur’s link and we are eligible . Not sure who the service providers are but I should think it is orange . Can you send me a link to find out please Jane.

Forgot to say we have not asked to be connected but I was forwarded to the Livebox sign up page which I have not done yet. When I sign up is there a place to ask to be connected?

Here’s an article that sets out the stages…

My wife spoke with a very helpful girl from Orange this morning and I am pleased to let everyone know, we have a technician coming on September 5th to set everything up.

Thank you Jane and Fleur for your help.


Surprise surprise , the RDV for Sept 5 has been annule. Thought it was too good to be true.

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Damn! Second time lucky perhaps?

New appointment on 24th, lets hope they turn up then!!

Fibre is with us. They came yesterday and set us up. All working well.


Out of interest, what speed are you getting?

Hello Fleur,

At the moment from my iPhone on wifi download is 74.6 mbps and upload is 57.3 mbps. Way off from the 400mbps mentioned on the Orange site.


Hmmm. They always quote a theoretical maximum, but in practice it is lower. We have ADSL and are getting 5 mbps just now, so I am definitely jealous, but at least it is better than it was (often less than 1 Mbps, and sometimes nothing at all) before we had the physical line and connection to the house fixed back in March.

Two or more things are at play here.

One if your connection into the Orange network - that will be at the advertised speed unless there is a fault.

Then we have the wi-fi connection to your iPhone - unless you have a very recent iPhone connected to a very recent access point it is actually pretty difficult to get 400Mbps - not impossible but plenty of scope for this link to be slower.

Finally we have the speed within the Orange network and out to the greater Internet and whatever server you are talking to - Orange does tend to slow down at peak times and some random server on the 'net might not be able to sustain the full speed of your â€‰connection. The “speed test” sites usually take care that their end of the link is not the bottleneck but real, dedicated bandwidth is expensive so other sites might be slower.

Just speed tested on my MacBook Air, 240mbps download and 168 mbps upload. That’s better.

I call that very high speed. Congratulations!

It might be worth pausing to consider that when Ethernet was invented - back in the early 1980’s, it ran at a whopping 3Mbps (and cables almost 1cm in diameter).

So round here we’ve made good progress un terms of cable size, but sadly the speed has halved…