Fifteen minutes for sanity

Flylady says you can do anything for 15 minutes.

I decided to use my timer more this year.

When I sit down to the computer to check my emails, I put it on for 15 minutes.

When I walk out the door with the dog, I put it on for 8 then turn around when it rings and I know I've done 15 minutes of walking. We have a lab so he gives me a good walk! :)

I decided to write for 15 minutes everyday. I have several projects under way. One is on Gold's plan for children and the other big one is on time management (how fitting).

I'm nearly finished on my first project due on January 15. Not even close to done on the second one. My goal is to do it 15 minutes at a time.

When I see something I need to do in the house, I set my timer and work on it for 15 minutes. I can get a lot done by not getting sidetracked.