FIG jam recipe?

oh dear... i have to make FIG JAM for my new employer... the freezer is stuffed with frozen (whole) figs... the pantry bursting with clean bon maman jars, the larder empty of the previous cooks 'award winning' jam... (my ears ringing with "she was a hopeless housekeeper, but we lived on her figgy jam" - or something like that)

i'm not a novice jam maker, but i've never made the fig variety - especially from frozen? all recipes i can find are a combination of figs, vanilla, lemon juice, sugar - in wildly varying proportions

please, jam - ers, take pity on my plight

x merry

teresa x

We do Steve, all four trees are huge and our problem is culling root growth and new trees appearing where they are not wanted. One tree actually helps my bees because it attracts so many of the wasps that germinate them that the Asian hornets feed on them, plus flies and other less than welcome insect visitors.

got to grow your own Brian , where we are in dept 47 the trees seem to grow b4 your eyes , the only thing is to plant them away from the house otherwise in Autumn when the glut of fruit is dropping / going ripe on the tree you get lots of insects feeding.

well steve, I am a lover of chutneys by chance and that sure is an interesting recipe. as for cinnamon with figs, yes but I was spoiled by buying absolutely fresh in India once (still soft) and never quite recovered from the stuff I made that year!

your welcome Theresa , we have now got maybe half a dozen fig trees so when the crop comes there is such a glut ! luckily we have 2 pigs - pot bellied type and they just love any soft fruit , so that helped to use some up.


thanks steve... fig chutney sounds really interesting... and lovely with cheese i'd imagine


ginger goes well although i prefer it with cinnamon mixed in so its a bit xmasy if you like.

take a look at this recipe for some inspiration


thanks Brian! i think i've probably about 10 kilos of (frozen) figs to work my way through... so i'll give it a go with some ginger too - great idea

x teresa

Do it every year. My wife's and mine turn out very differently.

Use the coarse granulated yellow cane sugar rather than white sugar.

2 kilos of figs, washed, stems removed
21/2 cups sugar
Juice and finely grated zest of 1 large lemon

Start quite hot, get bubbling then turn down. Keep stirring with a wooden spoon to avoid sticking in pan. Fig jam becomes thick and syrupy quite quickly, so stir gently until it sticks on the spoon, then try with a finger tip. If it is very sticky rather than still a bit liquid it is done. Jar it hot, right to the top and get lids on quick so that it makes its own vacuum. If not this jam goes mouldy faster than most others.

Enjoy. It is a lovely jam. I adore figs anyway and our four trees are my delight each autumn. For variation I sometimes add some powdered ginger to give it a sharper, more exotic kick.

et voila!