Filling in tax forms

Apologies if this has been asked already - I have looked but can't see anything - can someone tell me which boxes the state pension and the government pension go into on the blue and pink forms?

Someone told me that the forms have changed but couldn't tell me how.

Thank you

Thanks, Kathleen, that's defintely made my mind up!

Yes, if you want to declare on paper forms you can download them from the government site if you don't receive them on time.

Howwever, if you DECLARE directly online and not on paper then the 'pages' are quite different.

That's odd. I downloaded the forms for a friend and they were the same as the ones sent to me, but I decided not to fill in on-line as, if I'm not around, my husband would be totally unable to do that. The forms I have, with some stuff already printed in, does have 8TK. so I'll just send them in and let them get on with it, I think. No doubt they'll come back if they don't like it :-)

Hello Wendy - Well I had access to The Connexion guide and used that to try to suss it all out.

The Connexion says do things a certain way but then in the following sentence says that some financial advisers don’t agree. So confusing!

In addition, the online forms are completely different to the paper ones. They don’t make life easy do they? I had to concentrate extremely hard to make sure I was doing it right. I don’t like the idea officialdom crashing down on me.

The only thing I found different to what I have done in the past is that the total of State Pension and Goverernment pension should go into Box AS on page three of 2024. Box TK has disappeared online as have other boxes so I can't really tell you what I ended up doing in relation to the paper forms.

I hope you manage to do yours now – it’s always a good thing to be out of the way.

If you want to PM me I can send you the notes I made for filling in the paper forms. Too long to post here.

Hi Kathleen

I'm glad you've found a reply, but how about letting the rest of us know. I'm still following what we were told to do before and putting state pensions on red form in box 1 where it says Pensions and the government pension at VI, which is then transferred to line 8TK of blue form with the state pensions in box 1 where it says pensions, retraites et rentes connues. Is this right? anyway, if nobody corrects this, that is going in on Monday.

Hello Valerie - someone from another site has just given me the information thank you.

Thanks for your concern.


Any members have a UK pension ??? Help needed please.

Can anyone drawing a pension help Kathleen with this please?

Thank you Valerie.

Hi Kathleen, I don't have the answer but I know many of the SFN members definitely do so I hope you don't mind my putting this comment to 'bump' your discussion back up the front page. It could well be that with other posts appearing, many members may not have seen it yet.