Filling in the french tax declaration

Can someone tell me where to fill in the following.

Codes would be good.

Canadian Pension Income

Dividend income from my UK register company.

The tax that was deducted at source in Canada on the pension income.

3 things.

Why don't you go to your local tax office and ask ? My tax situation in France changed last year and a brief visit to my local office answered my queries.

I'll send you a message, David.

Or I would, but I appear to be blocked from doing so. If you send me one I'll reply.

But in the meantime, as Peter says, your tax office will quite happily help you. I pour over my tax return every year and I wasn't happy the forms had changed this year but I got it done. My mum takes all of her and her husband's P60's to the tax office, with the form, and the guy there fills it out for her :)