Fin d'engagement Orange - What internet/mobile package to choose


Well the 24 months has arrived and I find myself at the end of my engagement with Orange and need to look at a new offer and new smartphone. I currently am on an Orange Open play contract with internet, TV , mobile package for around 67€ per month.

It's a bit of a minefield trying to compare offers but basically want a new Iphone 6s or 6S plus, with 128GB storage ( buy outright price is about 1029€) . Orange are offering me this phone for around 670€ if i continue with them for a re-engament of 24 months. I currently have a Samsung Galaxy S5 which is a good phone, but I want to go over to an Iphone now as I have an ipad and it will just make life simpler.

My dillema is to either buy a phone outright and then look at the available offers , or better the "devil you know" and stay with Orange to get the cheaper phone ?

I live in a town so coverage is good on 4G . "Free" seem to have some good mobile offers but I suppose my question is, has anyone changed recently and upgraded their phone and could point me in a suitable direction, on offers they may have come across.It's a bit of a minefield trying to compare.

I travel back to the Uk quite a bit so some free calls and SMS/MMS whilst abroad would be good too.

Anyone ?

My internet is fibre to the storeroom via Numericable. They seem reasonable, my package includes TV and VOIP phone, and when we have had problems (we lose the signal sometimes when the overhead line is damaged by weather) they respond better than Wibox ever did. I also have a mobile phone through them but as I have never understood what my contract (1.99€ per month for the SIM only)includes I rarely ring out on it!

I obtained a good contract in the UK with Three, which includes all UK calls and calls/texts to/from the UK when we are in France, also mobile use of the internet in UK and EU for no extra charge. Consequently I use this as our main mobile phone at either address. I pay £13 per month for its SIM and use it all the time. The Motorola phone I have had for 2 or 3 years just upgraded itself to Android Marshmallow, which other phones/tablets have not, so I don't intent to change anything there.

Not surprising that SFR are losing business - they have bumped up their rates for international calls and texts twice in the last year !

Unless you really exploit the 'unlimited' features of a package as a rule its always cheaper to own the handset outright. With iPhones there is also a good second hand market for unlocked phones as well. (its likely your will be locked to Orange).

I would scrutinise my usage & needs and see how I could fulfill those without a contract, then see if they'll match it. Customer acquisition is way more expensive than retention.

Bought a Leagoo dual sim phone for about £50 online a couple of months ago and it's working well ( I have only owned two ancient phones in my life) and didn't have internet access with either. My mind has been suitably 'boggled' and 'blown' by what this inexpensive but nicely designed machine can do... I can now access my emails easily, even if my computer is malfunctioning, take great pictures and email them quickly....Google maps app is amazing as is data access.....

I have opted for the cheapest Free deal (2 euros per month) and kept my old T mob sim card. The calls I make in France a re free but even a bit of data costs, so I may well opt/upgrade to the 19 euro option, whichis unlimited and will give me piece of mind.

Quechoisir (Which? magazine consumer association equivalent) just did a comparison

Orange came out best then Sosh, Free, Bouygues, NRJ, Laposte, Virgin, and bottom of all SFR. About a year ago SFR got bought out by Numericable who were notoriously dreadful

Having said which we are with SFR and have been for over 5 years, fixed, internet, tv and mobile and they are OK so far, although I am having a moan right now so maybe it's the Numericable influence taking over and maybe if I have a real problem they won't fix it.

I bought a Wiki Bloom smartfone in Auchan for €90 last year - 2 SIM cards one Free, the other Giffgaff (uk) cost around €5 per month variable for calls, texts, internet etc in UK and France. Broadband and landline from Orange at €42 per month with free calls to land lines, mobiles to over 100 countries. I haven't found anything better. Oh, and no contracts on any of it. All I did to get the Orange deal was to threaten to leave them. Internet is only about 4MB but that's because we're at the end of the line!

Since we're not penny pinching here, why not combine the top-of-the-range iPhone 6s with the top-of-the-range all-options-included 24 month contract with Orange? Normally, they also have the best network.
Personally, I totally dislike all-is-included quadruple-play contracts with xx months "of prison". I want to preserve my liberty to choose each component when I want and according to my needs. Especially iPhones have extremely good value, and demand, on second-hand markets, which makes it less onerous to renew the machine, even frequently if that's the desire. But to sell it, you need to own it.

A very timely discussion! I've actually been researching this as my current costs are 82 € for internet and phone with Orange and that doesn't include calls to USA fixed and mobile which is necessary for us with family over there. And yes, our TV streaming is awful.
I think the mobile change program they have is ridiculous, not in the least rewarding after 10 years of loyalty so you're right to look elsewhere.
Free's website is frustrating as it seems you have to subscribe to their internet box before you can see what deals they offer on mobiles. I like their Revolution box though, with it's built-in BluRay DVD player.
I finally went with SFR as I decided I wanted the new Samsung 7. I've since spent hours on the phone with them (in French, I might try their English-speaking line next) as the woman I spoke with initially was apparently dyslexic and couldn't take down my email address or bank and card details. She still got my email wrong after a great number of repetitions back and forth with the result that my S7 was cancelled without my knowing it.
The deal I have is the S7 plus internet and land line for a down payment of 9.99€ (after a 200 € refund) at 70 euro per month.
If you don't need the USA option it's 63 euros/month.
They also do, and if you're still reading this Paul, a deal with iphone 6s plus internet for a very good price which includes a rebate for leaving Orange for them.
They also told me that when your first year is up, call the service desk and tell them you can't afford the new increased price and they'll let you stay on the reduced price for the next 12 months! True or not? Who knows?!
Here's a link to play with :

I have SFR Box + mobile. Mobile is iPhone 5s (16GB) which on 24 month contract 1Go and 120 mins calls & unlimited texts, with fairly high up front payment is 14,99€ pm and Internet/Phone (dégroupée)with free cals to landlines in France, EU, North America and other destinations, plus SFR TV (Interent streaming no decoder) for 19,99€.

After 12 months, mobile goes up to 19,99€ and Box to 30,99€.

SFR seem hungry for business, and always are doing promos. Take a look.

We also travel a lot between different countries and find that using dual SIM phone is a great asset as one can minimise roaming costs but using local services. My Samsung S4 Mini duo cost about £300. Why not look at phone and broadband only service instead of your comprehensive package including TV. We get TV in France and Cyprus using either an iPAD or laptop and Unotelly which costs us about £35 a year and saves us about €30 a month on the phone and broadband. We used to have Free but the broadband service was quite unstable and often not good enough for streaming TV. orange has been better but is still not great in our village as the actual speeds are well below the projected figures.