Finally, Dorries watch is over


I think I shall listen to James O’Brien on LBC today. It should be fun hearing his take on her departure :smiley:

Edit: D’oh… it’s Lewis Goodall standing in for O’Brien. Shame :frowning:

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The electors of mid Bedfordshire will be delighted too.

On t’radio they were saying the opposition may be split allowing the tories to retain the seat. Oh well good riddance to Dorries.
I recently looked at the vote counts for Mogg’s constituency and the opposition was very deeply divided. I hate this about the UK’s voting system.

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I have never agreed with MP’s not living in the constituency they are supposed to represent. Dorries lived elsewhere and watching a video of people talking about her continual absence in the town she represented, its good riddance to bad rubbish was their unanimous response.

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