Finally some good news

Finally some GOOD NEWS!!
According to our local paper (Sud-Ouest[Newsletter]-20130910-[les_plus_envoyes]) this morning, a study published in the BMJ in London concludes that a "moderate" amount of wine IS GOOD FOR YOU. It is good for the heart, good for reducing the levels of osteoporosis and good for reducing levels of depression. Of course, we have all known for a long time that RED wine (and the article I have been trying to read does not specify whether there is a difference between red and white) is excellent for the heart and helps reduce cholesterol! Of course, FRENCH wine is better than any others :-0 (That is *my* comment, not from the article ) CHEERS!!

A la tien

I saw that a couple of weeks ago in one of the UK dailies. I asked my cardiologist, given the pills I have (plus some neurology ones) and he said that one glass a day will do no harm, certainly do some good. So, I took that as the bit of good news at the time.

I have just received a bottle of Montepulciano from a neighbour who has recently been to Italy and shall save that for once my pills are reduced, namely around about Christmas. As long as it is red and good I have not real prejudices personally.