Financial Advice - not buying

Hello everybody. Is there a service (and I will pay by the hour if necessary) where I can get financial advice? Kind of a citizens advice meets specialist financial knowledge type of thing. It seems there are plenty of IFAs, but at the end of the day they would like to sell you something - fair deal, that's how they make their living. I need advice, pure and simple. I certainly don't have a pot of money to invest!

Cathy are any relation to Dr. Perrin in Toronto Canada.

We would highly recommend the Spectrum group.

Always helpful and professional.

I can see the value of a DAVOS style meeting forum amongst expats or maybe more like a meeting of The Odd Fellows to eat drink and discuss issues sans professional advisors. Too bad we are so spread out. The "sans" was one of the few French words that I know. I used it to underscore the unique circumstances and considerable degree of vulnerability that we face in our chosen but unfamiliar land of France. Others should weigh in on these important issues.

Hi David. Hope you got the information you wanted, but if not, my husband is an Accountant and deals has clients who have investments in varies things... but isn't attached to any investment company. He knows the tax benefits and gains and the pitfalls... so if you want he'd be happy to chat to you for his hr. rate. Just a thought.

I am a Canadian living legally in France for 5 years. A few years ago the Canadian financial markets for the most part became a fee based business. This meant that those who had built up a considerable clientele from a commission based business could now present to their clients exactly what you are asking for. Normally the annual fee charged on assets under management varies but is not high.

I have not been impressed by sales people and sales tactics in France although to be fair I have met one caring person.

My advice to you would be to determine your priorities (perhaps with help) and read a little (which you have probably done already). However I have a very hard time with Assurance Vie and I cannot understand the lack of estate planning here in France and I suspect in most of Europe.

There are big expensive companies that demand full disclosure before talking product but what about the guy or woman that just wants to put a little away or protect their children from inheritance taxes through life insurance (death insurance if you like).

I understand the health care system fairly well but cannot understand how it was allowed to become the capitalist enclave of profit driven insurance companies in a "socialist" country.

Lot to think about while sipping rose in the south.