Financial support for Student at Limoges University

My niece has recently lost her Mother after a 5 year battle with cancer and is now on her own in France. She has had some (or all, I’m not completely sure) of her grant stopped as she has failed her 1st year of her degree and needs to re-take the year. (this is the very short version, there is a much longer one)
1-Is there a mechanism to appeal this decision in view of mitigating circumstances? (bereavement)
2-Is there any financial support available to her in view of her current situation and being bereaved. She is majeuse (over 18).
3-How do you go about it remotely for her?
Many thanks for any help.

She needs to talk to the the bourse people. Failing a year shouldn’t mean they stop her bourse. She needs to go through the mes services etudiants government website and her university should also have an assistante sociale.


There’s some advice given here

Thanks very much, sorry to clarify. She has done 1 year (20-21) and changed degrees, then just completed her first year of the new degree (21-22) and failed this one. So I suppose this may be classed as 2 failed years, make any difference?

Depends on whether she valide-ed 20-21, they do look at assiduité and results. She needs to talk to the horse people though, the admin people for her course may be able to help.