Find a Friend!

The new search facility is quite simply, a way for you to connect with other SFN members!

You can find your neighbours, make new friends, discover people who share the same interests and source providers of goods and services. So here is how it works…

If you go to the Members tab at the top of the page, you can then access the Member search facility- this will allow you to search SFN members by keywords. So for example, if you’d like to find people in your area, you can search by location. If you want to find a fellow football fan, you can search by interests and if you want to find a website designer, use the business info search field. Clever eh?!

Like the chat window, only registered SFN memnbers can access this facility and it will be a great way for people to connect socially and make friends. Obviously if you are running any kind of business, you should also make sure that the business info section, contains all the relevant info on your activity so that potential customers can find you easily! We think that this will become an essential part of SFN so please go and add as much information to your profile as you can.

It’s a good idea to make the information as specific as possible. So for example, if you are a painter, you could either include something like “I paint in both oil and watercolour” or " I have been running my painting and decorating business in France for five years" - the more details you can provide, the better the search function will work!

To add information, you will need to go to MY PAGE and then use the settings facility to access My Profile. You can then update your details. I’m off to do mine now…

You don’t have to select the country, just type a town for example, try Dax and you’ll find me. Remember people are still busy updating their details, not everyone filled in their location when they signed up. Hopefully this will now change…!!

I don’t think I really understand this either! I have tried filling in the boxes in all sorts of ways but do not seem to be finding anyone who lives in my area - I must be doing something wrong?! It’s a wonderful idea though , I just wish I could make it work!

err, am I doing this correctly?
I have to select the country?
Surely this should default to France?

Also some people put their department name, some the dept number, so finding nearby people is proving tedious, as I have to keep putting in france, sorry

Fabulous add to the site guys. Well done to you x