Finding Affordable Building Materials

Hello all, my partner and I are about to start a barn renovation project in the Alps with the help of an Anglo/French builder. There are a lot of materials to be purchased, and thanks to Brexit and I think Covid the costs are higher than we’re used to with previous projects in the UK. We’re setting up accounts with the standard Point P and Samse,
I was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions for other avenues to pursue for affordable materials? Are there builders merchants we don’t know about? Has anyone had any luck with ordering from other EU states? We’re also very close to the Italian border so wondering if it’s worth popping across there to pick up some bits.
Any purchasing advice welcome! Thank you

The cheapest supplier of building materials is Brico Depot. Not knowing exactly where you are, I suggest you do a Google search to find which is the nearest to you. It may be worth your while hiring a large vehicle to purchase the stock you need.

Has it not always been the case that building materials cost less in the UK, even without Brexit and Covid?

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Hello and welcome to the forum.

Nothing to do with Purchasing… just to do with Planning Permissions…
If you haven’t already discussed with your Mairie…
I suggest you do so, before spending money… just to ensure you will be allowed to do what you actually want to do with this Project.

Best of luck.

Yes definitely! Do you have any recommendations for suppliers?

Thanks Stella, we’ve got planning permission through from the Mairie, a very long process!

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Thanks so much! Thats really helpful :blush:

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Also consider using the 10% rebate offered to new movers by Leroy Merlin, and subsequent other 10% after having purchased some amount.

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Use your local quarry (carrière) for sand/gravel/aggregate. Much cheaper than builders merchants

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