Finding an Office chair that supports OH's back

OH has back trouble and I think the awful IKEA office chair that he uses when at the computer doesn’t help.
I’m trying to persuade him to buy a chair that will support his back properly, but he rightly says he needs to try it - hence the appeal of the Ikea purchase.
We are going to be in Bordeaux on Monday and I wondered if anyone can recommend a place that will have good quality office chairs in stock that he can try?
Thanks for any thoughts / suggestions…

I need to do the same soon - I was going to go to one of these:

They seem to have a few to try.

Thanks Mat. I wasn’t sure Bureau Vallee was big enough / serious enough to do really good chairs. He spends too long in front of the computer to go on getting this wrong.

Or go the other route, and make him sit on a huge gym ball to strengthen his back?

Which is only half in jest as if you can get used to it then it does work.

I spend a lot of time at my computers :roll_eyes:
I purchased this office chair on recommendation from a friend in France whose husband also is similarly as indisposed as I am and it has been a really good purchase for him - as for me.
Keep the packaging it came in and send it back if it doesn’t work for your OH.

I wish! I’m trying to persuade him to go back to our Alexander teacher who uses such a ball in her sessions.
Horse to water, and all that.

Perhaps you should get him a saddle!

I use something similar to this, unfortunately the one I have is no longer available, excellent back support:

Or this:

Thanks Graham. My concern is this looks like the one from Ikea and he slips down in it (seat too short) and the inclination means its unstable and further exaggerates his lounging position. The arms also get in the way of having the chair tucked properly under the desk so he’s too far away from the key board - encouraging more lounging! The seat basically needs to hold him upright while offering support to his lower back

Always worth checking your workspace ergonomics once you’ve found a comfy chair.

Good idea Crabtree but for the reasons I’ve given to Graham above. He’s long legged and so often the seat is too short and to have something further in the seat space pushing him forward leads to yet more slippage and lounging. :roll_eyes: This is why (if possible) it’s vital he tries the seat first.

I know that problem only too well, as I bought an Ikea office chair to replace my previous luxury director’s chair from a previous employment, and am now regretting it. At the end of the day, I can definitely feel the lack of support in my upper spine and neck.

When I first started working in an office in France, my then boss allowed me the luxury of trying out and ordering a fantastic one from a specialist in Lyon. Unfortunately, age has got the better of my memory and I can neither remember the name of the brand or the distributor !

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You say long legged - is he particularly tall? There are two problems with chairs - the first being they’re designed for 95% of the population so anyone tall or short it’s always a bit of a faff to make them work.

The real problem is chairs aren’t a magic bullet. Sit like an idiot - don’t adjust them properly and it’s all a bit pointless.

Before looking understand how a chair should “fit” and find one that actually achieves that. Comfy is a bad starting point - people think slouched is comfy because it’s what they’re used to - so it’s more adjust ones you like properly sit in it and if it’s fits it will work - and you get used to sitting properly

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I am 6ft 2ins with long legs, and get fantastic back support.

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I also suffer from consistent back pain, a result of breaking it. I recently bought a new office chair from Office Depot, they had approx 30 on the shop floor to try, regular, ergo or ortho.

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This is where I sourced office chairs for staff with a medical certif, they’re not cheap. If I remember correctly they would even come and set up and adjust the chairs for the user. We were in the 8th in Paris though.


I got an office chair from Bureau-Vallée a few years ago. I find it very comfortable.
I was able to see it and try it out in the shop and the people there (this was in Brive) were very helpful.

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