Finding Freedom

Wondered whether anyone has read and / or bought this?

Surely more relevant, who’d want to?


You must be joking! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


No thanks.


This is more my idea of finding freedom

I was!

I haven’t read it no but I have an opinion on it. He wants, in my opinion, to side with his wife and to oppose media oppression, which he believes killed his mother. I have another opinion re the death of his mother, I’m not going to share it on here but I believe others with share with me. I feel for Harry and I hope he can find peace in his life with Meghan…I’m doubtful though

Is that possible to have an accurate opinion on the book without having read it?

Personally… I would not buy this book… since the co-writers admit they are merely giving their take on the events … there’s no input from Harry & Meghan … thus it might be considered just a glorified newspaper article, chewing things over … and I got sickened by all that…

I thoroughly enjoy autobiographies… which generally arrive when Life has been lived, and the tale really worth the telling…

I am not interested in reading the ramblings of their combined brain cells … I wish them financial freedom from the UK tax payer :slight_smile:

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Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand are the authors… this book is their “brainchild” and their moneymaker… :roll_eyes:

I think it’s entirely possible to have an opinion on the concept of the book without needing to read it. Indeed, everyone here is showing that they have an opinion on the book - namely, that it’s not worth reading.
And can an opinion be “accurate”?

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OK so possibly an informed opinion may be a better phrase.

I think what you have described is a preconception of what the book would be.

The whole subject seems pretty grim to me - the two of them appear to be pretty unpopular in UK - seems odd as I doubt many of us have actually met them let alone know them.


Sadly… with the hype in the press… the “feeding frenzy”… etc… very sad for anyone involved in such stuff…

and now this book… which will (possibly) get all the discussion (?) going again… just to make money for the writers as far as I can see…

IMO you don’t need to know them personally to know what they represent, which is a decadent institution of little real significance in the lives of most of us.

Other than its function as an engine of social hierarchy and inherited privilege, and a class system that still manifests itself in snobbery and elitism, it is rotten to the core and toxic.

As epitomised in the make-up of the current Government, with Boris Johnson at its pinnacle, at its helm; and with the approval of the masses (or so they would have us believe), its collapse can not be far removed. The terminal cracks are already evident, and get visibly wider and more ruinous as the months flash by.

I imagine that Harry and Meghan are much like the rest of us at heart, people trying to make the best they can of a hopeless hand of cards, and wrest a little happiness from the shed–load of shit they’ve been dealt, against the sharpest dealers history has ever evolved.

One can only look on in fascinated horror mixed with unconcealed glee, and I don’t need to read the book to know the plot and the outcome. It will turn out to be a tragedy, and not the first or last, just the most predictable.

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Which “decadent institution” is that Peter?
My understanding is that the couple no longer represent the British royal family! :rofl:

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Hope there is nothing too personal, the last money makers have just been sued!

Point taken and well made, Nigel.

I would counter that by suggesting that, although “The Firm” has cut them off, in the popular view the madding crowd still sees them as representative of the fragrant pile of regal frumpery and taradiddle of yore/fetid pile of stinking and corrupt ordure of our glorious/inglorious imperial heritage that commands media applaudits/vilification year-in-aching-year out.

The ‘Royal Rift’ is just more brushwood to fuel the conflagration IMO.

Surely you mean pair of oveprivileged numpties with a strong sense of entitlement looking to cash in on their current celebrity which is due to one of them’s granny?


. . . . . and are presumably now living on Universal Credit and “Royalties” from book sales! :laughing: :laughing::laughing:

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