Finding help in repairing - registering a car

I’m sure many of you have heard this tired discussion before… But I can tell you that when its YOU having the issue, it seems very BIG.

When we moved here from the States we came on the Queen Mary. An English friend picked us up at the dock with a car he purchased for us in the UK. It has an MOT that expires in January. It’s a left hand drive which is great for France.

We want to sell it because its too big for the narrow steep streets in our village. I finally got a Certificate of Conformity for it. Now I need to get the Controle Technique.

Yesterday I discovered that it has no brakes. I need to get it repaired and get the CT, but I don’t know what my next step should be. It can’t be driven without any brakes. I am Frustrated. My language skills suck! I feel isolated and vulnerable. And I don’t even know who to ask to help me. HELP.

Ken in rural Roquebrun (Herault)

Goolge 'mecanique a domicile roquebrun' or run the same search on

You will obviously pay a premium for the call out but I don't see any reason why brakes couldn't be fixed on site, I had it done before, he had to go away make up some pipes but other than that it was an easy job for him.

Bon courage!

I hadn’t thought of a mobile repair on the brakes. Once that is done, I could take it for the CT inspection… Good thought. Where would you look to find the mobile mechanic?

Yes it could be towed. Do I make arrangements to take it to a place that can bleed the brakes AND do the CT? How do a find a place that speaks English, isn’t a ripoff, will do the repairs and the CT… Is that a possibility?

In any case, if you call your local garage they can come and collect/repair ir for you, or you could find a mechanic on Le Bon Coin who will come to you.

Do you have breakdown cover, or can you get some? You might be able to guess where I'm going with this one :)

Its a shame you can't still drive it to the testing station. Can it be towed? The C.T. in your case doesn't need to be a pass. It can be a failure notice for the purpose of registration. The important part of the inspection will be a confirm the identification numbers match those on the paperwork.