Finding Past Posts

I’ve been trying to find a post that explained how to do tax declarations on line, thought I might give it another go registering

This is a helpful post from Graham

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Using the magnifying glass icon on the top bar I typed in “register for tax online” and it produced a useful link to this topic:

If you already have a numéro fiscal, you can start by going to the Particulier | website and click on either Votre espace particulier (private individual) or
Votre espace professionnel (professional people) Your numéro fiscal will be on your last tax bill.

and create your online account from there.

As to how to complete online, why not look at this topic for 2022

You’ll also find useful discussion in this topic which is the place for general discussion about completing your tax return.

Please also note that I am constantly updating the guide as I complete my own return (I did a further update today) so bookmark the link and return to it as required. There will be more updates after the weekend.

Have fun!

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Thank you Graham

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Looked through all my Avis d’Impot and I do not have a numéro fiscal, so how am I meant to complete on line if I can’t get by the first hurdle

Hi Ann…

Take a look here… this might help you.


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That’s what mine looks likes like

Well, surely you need to decide if you are Declarant 1 or Declarant 2 ??

My OHalf is Declarant 1… as lowly wife :wink: I am Declarant 2

Each Declarant has a Numero Fiscal ( see the red box above…) unless you are saying there is a “blank” on your own Avis…

I am the lowly declarant 2 but can I set up the on line account ?

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Yes you can, each of you should have an account and you can use it to access lots of gov sites.

Definitely can… we may be lowly but we still have our rights… :wink: :rofl: :+1:

I’m Déclarant 2 as Déclarant 1 is better at maths than I am.